Refresher on the Legal Documents Required when Buying a Property in Amritsar

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Having their own home is a dream that every person has, but there are a few vital elements that are important in the process of realizing that dream. Property documents are one such element. This article mentions a checklist that features all the important property documents involved in the home buying process.

Having their own home is a dream for many. In the process of realizing this dream,Guest Posting there are several important elements involved. People would firstly need to fix a budget for their property purchase, and then decide on the ideal place to invest in. For instance, people can easily choose to buy residential property in Amritsar for sale or any other urban hub like Noida, Delhi, or Chandigarh, depending on their distinct requirements and budget. While the location and budget are definitely very important, the documents involved in the process of property purchase are quite crucial as well. Buying a property in Amritsar involves a lot of paperwork and legal formalities which many people often dread. However, these being an indispensible aspect of property purchase it is always good to know about them.

And, here is a simple checklist that can help people navigate through the various legalities involved in buying a house:

  • Agreement to sell: This basically is the first document that is prepared in anticipation of the sale of any property. The agreement to sell typically contains a detailed description of the relevant property. It also states the terms of conditions between the buyer and the seller, as well as the purchase price that has been agreed upon.
  • Absolute sale deed and title deed: The sale or title deed is known to be one of the key documents that acts as a record of the actual transfer of ownership of the property. This deed has to be registered at the office of the sub-registrar, under whose jurisdiction the relevant property falls.
  • Title search and report: Property title search is basically the procedure of retrieving the chain of documents that are related to the history of the relevant property. This document ideally includes a description of the property and names of title holders, and other pertinent information. The title search and report is often extremely important for procuring a home loan.
  • Khata certificate: This document is known by different names in different parts of the country, and as such, when buying a property, people need to find out what it is called in their state of residence. For instance, when you buy residential property in Amritsar, you should ideally check out what this document is called in the state of Haryana. This document basically provides a proof that the relevant property has an entry in the local municipal records.
  • Encumbrance certificate: An encumbrance certificate basically signifies that the relevant property is fully free from all encumbrances or loans. This is one of the most important documents required in procuring a loan against the property from banks. The encumbrance certificate typically features all the vital details about transactions related to the property.
  • Occupancy certificate: A completion or occupancy certificate is given by the municipal corporation subsequent to the completion of construction of a building. This certificate establishes that the building has been developed as per the sanctioned plan and that it is ready to be occupied.
  • Non-objection certificates: While purchasing a residential property, homebuyers should ideally ask the developer to produce copies of various NOCs that must be procured from various organizations and departments, including the Traffic and Coordination Department, Pollution Board, the Sewage Board, etc.

This checklist can give people the knowledge of legal documents that can make the overwhelming process of completing the legalities involved in property investment quite simple for homebuyers.

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