Production technology and application prospects of fine chemicals diacetate

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With increasing environmental awareness and improvement of life quality, people pay more attention to the toxicity of chemical preservatives and residual. Ideal chemical preservatives should be broad-spectrum, high efficiency, low or no toxicity.

 And it should be without damage and side effects for biological and living environment. They do not accumulate in humans and animals with no residue composition. The final metabolite is water and carbon dioxide. They have good adaptability and cheaper prices. The fungicide sodium diacetate is one of such products.

Sodium diacetate,Guest Posting also known as dual hydrogen sodium acetate, sodium acetate, acetic acid and sodium acetate complex compounds, the appearance of a white hygroscopic crystalline powder, slight acetic acid odor, soluble in water and ethanol. Because it is safe, non-toxic, no residue, non-carcinogenic, non-induced distortion, the United Nations FAO has the diacetate recommended used in food, feed mold preservation. Fine chemicals diacetate is a new multi-functional green food additives in China, is mainly used for food, food, mildew, corrosion, and preservation, seasoning, and to improve the nutritional value in addition to widely used in baked goods, condiments, pickles, pickled vegetables, mustard, meat, fruit drinks and other processed foods, and replace potassium sorbate, benzene, potassium sodium, calcium propionate preservatives ideal product.

Diacetate has low toxicity. Sodium diacetate final metabolite in the body as carbon dioxide and water, no residue, no toxic side effects, carcinogenic, pathogenic factors; moderate intake of acetic acid is also beneficial to people, livestock health, international development and utilization of a food and feed use of nutritional type mold preservation additives. Therefore, sodium diacetate is an environmentally friendly product, as the preferred food, food and feed mildew.

In foods, sodium diacetate not only can play a preservative role, but also from the excellent chelating agent, to extend the shelf life of food, improve and maintain food flavor. Diacetate sour feed conceal added synthetic drugs lead citrate, and various trace elements of discomfort smell, many livestock and poultry more love to eat the mixed feed containing sodium diacetate, to improve feed intake and daily gain, greatly raising the input production.

China is a large food production, food storage is one of the major issues related to people's livelihood. Grain fungicide can be not only a significant reduction in the grain storage process caused huge losses due to spoilage or deterioration, and can greatly save the food dry consume a lot of manpower, material resources, reduce the storage and transportation costs of food acquisition. With the rising standard of living of our people in recent years, the Chinese food industry, farming industry has made rapid progress, and accordingly led to the rapid development of food and feed additives industry. Sodium diacetate as a high performance fine chemical preservative fungicide will have good prospects in China.

Raw material for acetic acid production such as diacetate, sodium acetate, soda ash, caustic soda and ethanol are the common chemicals. They are plenty of sources for supplying. The price is not high and it have reliable quality coupling with China's own development of acetic acid  hydrogen sodium oxide one-step production process simple, raw materials, low cost, low production costs, product quality is stable, high yield, it will not bring the problem of environmental pollution and has promising prospects. Therefore, in view of technical market as well as the application of sodium diacetate, China has good prospects for development. The acetic acid enterprises need to step up the production and application development. It will surely make good economic and social benefits.Source: 

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