Researches about silicon powder concrete performance and construction

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Analysis physical mechanical and crack resistance of silicon powder concrete, the tests showed silicon powder concrete can effectively improve the strength of components, reduce the cracks. 

Study from the choice of materials,Guest Posting construction techniques and pouring conservation and other aspects of the special requirements of the silicon powder concrete construction. Engineering examples prove that the silicon powder concrete hydraulic structures with superior performance than ordinary concrete.

Silicon powder is ferroalloy smelting generated by high purity quartz and coke chemical reaction in electric arc furnace, and obtained by collecting emissions of gas powder in the electric arc furnace. 1982 metal powder supplier first time added silicon powder into concrete and comprehensive study of its performance, silicon powder concrete cause people’s concerns. Due to the complementary properties of silicon powder concrete and Portland cement, coupled with the benefit of environmental protection (silicon powder with the electric arc furnace gas into the air, causing severe dust pollution), silicon powder has been identified as a new auxiliary cementing material being widely studied and applied.

Adding silicon powder can effectively reduce the accumulation of moisture in concrete and steel interface, to improve the adhesion of reinforced concrete. Under the same conditions of the water-cement ratio and concrete mix proportion, the compressive strength of mix silicon powder concrete was significantly higher than ordinary concrete. Experimental studies have shown that more than 20% silicon powder dosage in concrete, the compressive strength of silicon powder concrete no longer increase with increasing silicon powder dosage; silicon powder dosage does not exceed 20%, the elastic modulus of the silicon powder concrete is increased with the silicon powder content increased.

Silicon powderaverage particle size is 100 mm, belong to the case of nano-particles, with superior performance of the volcanic ash. Added to cement concrete, not only can fill the voids of the cement, more important is the nanometer silicon powder react with Ca (OH) 2 in the cement paste, generated colloidal hydrated calcium silicate, improve the interface of cement paste and aggregates structure and performance. Reduce porosity, enhanced the concrete impermeability and durability. The study showed that the silicon powder concrete can effectively resist the CL-penetration, and greatly reduce the corrosion of reinforced concrete CL-invasive Shun tendons cracks, in order to effectively improve the performance of concrete cracking. This superiority is especially suitable for a harbor concrete engineering.

Due to the silicon powder special physical and chemical properties, can be used in manufacturing high-strength, low permeability and chemical resistance of concrete, in hydraulic structures, transportation, building construction all have a huge market. But silicon powder concrete construction technology and ordinary concrete is not the same, only to strictly observe and correct use of silicon powder concrete products will get qualified.

Silicon powder in the transport and storage must be kept dry and not damp. For ease of use, silicon powder can mechanical agitation into a uniform slurry concentration of 30% to reserve seven days before use. The stored slurry pond must be clean and watertight, covered to avoid evaporation and to prevent the inflow of rain and sewage. Before construction, to prevent sediment stratification must be stirring frequently to ensure uniformity. Silicon powder concrete slump is sensitive to the amount of water added. The moisture content should be measured before construction, aggregate construction site and calculate concrete design water, additives to prevent agglomeration, best made solution Stir before using. Silicon powder concrete as a surface layer with ordinary concrete pouring, before the initial setting ordinary concrete vibrators laid silicon powder concrete, and used pokers inserted ordinary concrete layer 2 cm vibration compacting, guarantee better concrete bonding between layers.


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