Should You Take College Virtual Tours before Applying?

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Deciding which college or university to apply to is a long and strenuous process for most students. There is so much to consider before enrolling at any one institute. And this process of choosing the right college becomes even more difficult for international students. Many international students may wonder if they should physically tour colleges before applying?

While there is no right or wrong answer to this question,Guest Posting it is definitely encouraged that students visit their prospective institutes before enrollment. By taking a tour of the college, they can get a better understanding of what life would be like as a student there. By taking a tour of the place, even if it is through college virtual tours, they will understand the campus geography, check out the ambiance and infrastructure and determine if it will be a good fit.

Here, we will discuss how important it is to take college tours before applying. But first, let us understand what is a virtual college tour and its associated benefits.

College Virtual Tours

While touring colleges and universities is extremely important, it may be very expensive. When you calculate the cost of traveling that includes flights, accommodation, meals, and other miscellaneous expenditures, you would notice that touring different colleges may set you back a couple of thousand dollars. So, to effectively mitigate this cost, one must opt for college virtual tours.

As the name suggests, college virtual tours enable students to virtually explore different college campuses. They can do so sitting in the comfort of their homes. These virtual tours leverage virtual reality technology to enable prospective students to view and explore the different parts of the campus. These tours are very different from ordinary photos and videos. They are built using Google Street Views. Thus, they create a brilliant experience for the users that is totally immersive, making them feel as if they are really on the college campus.

Whether it is a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of the college, a guided voice tour, or even user-generated videos, college virtual tours offer an incredible opportunity to the students to find out more about their chosen institute.

Need for College Tours

  1. College tours are a vital piece of the college admissions puzzle

Most of the students understand that the college admissions process is a multi-faceted procedure that involves a lot of time. With the demands of generating a college list, prepping for tests, writing application essays, etc. it can feel like fun things such as college visits must not be prioritized. But what most students fail to understand is the importance associated with college visits during the admission process.

Taking college virtual tours or physically visiting multiple universities allows students to gain perspective on the kind of environment they are looking for. They can easily narrow down their college list and decide which institute will be a good fit for them.

  1. You can picture yourself on the campus

Most students cannot decide if they would like a big research university or a small liberal arts institute. Placing yourself in different types of college environments, physically or virtually, can help to determine the type of learning atmosphere that is best suited to your needs.

Even students with predetermined notions about the type of college they wish to attend should consider taking college virtual tours of other places to make sure they are not missing out on anything better. It is a good idea to tour colleges in both local locations and busy cities to come across colleges of different sizes and gather perspective on what you are exactly looking for.

  1. Get detailed information about the college

Students need to research in detail in order to create the best list of colleges and craft superior application essays that highlight their knowledge of each institute. While a college’s official website is a great place to start, touring a college will further enable the students to take their knowledge about the college to another level.

Most college tours, both virtual and in-person, offer the applicants a great opportunity to ask queries, explore infrastructure, and learn about the accomplishments of the institute. This helps them supplement their knowledge and choose the best college.

With these aforementioned points, it is easy to understand the importance of touring colleges. Whether it is an in-person visit or college virtual tours, it really helps the prospects in determining the best college for their further education.

If an in-person visit is not feasible, you can check out the college’s official website to find a virtual tour. Alternately, many websites such as YouVisit enable students to tour different college campuses from their homes. Just make sure to take the virtual tour and clarify all the queries that you may have. This will ensure you make the best college selection decision.

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