Six steps for quality control of the LSAW steel pipe

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Mainly discuss how to control the quality of LSAW steel pipe.

Quality control of LSAW steel pipe is not only a guarantee for safe production operation,Guest Posting but also the inevitable elements to ensure the operator safety.Main application fields are long-span space truss engineering, construction steel structure engineering, electric power and extra-high voltage power transmission and distribution engineering, mechanical engineering, cross-sea bridge, bridge, (railway station, airport, stadium steel structure engineering), municipal pipelines, foundation piling, water gas pipeline and road construction and other supporting facilities.1, according to the welding procedure specification, review the specifications of the filler metals and fluxes and prevent the quality accidents caused by the misuse of welding filler metals and fluxes.2, supervise the welding environment, when in bad welding environment (temperature lower than 0 , relative humidity is more than 90%), the corresponding measures should be taken before welding.3, before welding, do inspection of welding groove size, including clearance, blunt edge, angle and hi-lo is in line with the process requirement.4, check the welding current, welding voltage, welding speed and other parameters in the process of both inside and outside the automatic submerged arc welding.5, supervision, during the automatic submerged arc welding of both inside and outside, welding personnel make full use of steel tube arc plate length, strengthen the inside and outside welding arc plate efficiency, which helps to improve the quality of LSAW steel pipe welding.6, supervision officers at the time of repair welding, clean the welding slag first, check joint thorough treatment and confirm whether there is oil, rust, slag, water, paint and other dirt at the groove.

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