So You Want To Be An Affiliate Marketer.

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Well, a lot of my selling is ... ... I like you want to make money at ... sites. Now I am told by the gurus to put up my own ... website with my own ad copy. That means to me t

Well,Guest Posting a lot of my selling is affiliate programs. I like you want to

make money at affiliate sites. Now I am told by the gurus to put up my

own affiliate website with my own ad copy. That means to me that I

have to build a website that people will stick around long enough to

read my ad copy. What do I have to start with? Headlines, headlines,

headlines. Grab them with your headline then they will stay long

enough to read your sales copy.

You must know your product inside and out to write a good sales

letter. So first of all to sell a affiliate product one needs to buy

the product and use it. Then write a review of the product in the form

of an article. People like to read the pros and cons of anything when

considering buying a product. I am as honest as I can be with any

product I am selling so that people will trust me when I recommend

another product. No hype, anyway hype is just not me. I am chatty and

feel I am authentic that comes across in a good sales letter. Spend

time writing this sales letter be sure you are listing all the

benefits to the customer. What this product can do for you goes a long

way in selling a product. So if you really believe in this product you

can endorse it.
Put up lots of links to other good articles on your site. Offer you

customer valuable content. Remember your job as an affiliate is not to

sell but to pre-sell so you are building trust here. Be sure you offer

them your contact information. I have a 800 number on my site and it

goes to a voice mail. I carry my cell phone at all times and answer

all calls within an hour. I offer my customers my instant messenger

numbers showing whether I am online or off line so they can chat with

me if they like while they are reading the article and if they have

questions. I also have my contact page on my page so they can email

Offer a blog with a comment box just for that affiliate site. Keep

that blog updated with lots of articles that are geared toward

building trust, building a personal relationship with that person. The

search engines pick up blogs that are constantly being updated. That

way you are always getting traffic from the search engines.

Introduce back-end products that are closely related to your main

product. Place them stategicly throughout your affiliate site. That

way your customer is constantly being exposed to products they can buy

from you. Include articles that review these products too. Keep all of

the products closely related so when someone is searching for one they

will naturally search for other products along the same lines.
Create products that are yours and include them on your affiliate

Build in a faqs and frequently ask questions section on your site so

people get their questions answered as soon as possible. Remember to

put your phone number, instant messenging number, a blog, and your

contact page so they can get hold of you as soon as possible.
One last comment here be sure all your links work on any site you have

up the most irritating thing one can encounter is to be all ready to

buy a product and then have the payment link not work. It is self

defeating for you and your customer probably will never come back. I

know I don't and you would be surprised how often this happens.

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