Starting an Online Business In Ireland-Internet Marketing Ireland

Aug 28


Terry Legaleto

Terry Legaleto

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Doing business on line in Ireland is a bit of an anomaly because by definition if you are doing business on line or looking to start an online business you are looking to trade goods or services with the entire world.

There are many ways to do  business on line and it is possible to start an online business with virtually no cost.This should be a very attractive proposition for anyone in Ireland who wishes to start their own online or home business.It should be particularly attractive to anyone for the simple reason that you are not restricted by the normal geographical and population boundaries which restrict you when you live on a small island with a population which is roughly the same as a good size city in neighbouring countries.

Business On Line-Some Options
There are numerous ways to start your own online business and make a good living from it.It is important at the outset to recognise that I am talking about starting a real business selling real products to real customers whose needs you will fulfill.

There are 3 primary routes that you can use to start your business on line and these are
1. Affiliate Marketing(selling other people's  products)
2. Creating and selling your own product
3. Content publishing

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing involves selling other people's products for which you get paid a commission.It is a simple and virtually cost free business model which works very well provided you are prepared to work hard and provided you acquire some basic skills and tools which primarily include the ability to set up Wordpress blogs and market them and attract visitors.

You can attract visitors and generate sales by 2 methods-1)Free traffic,Starting an Online Business In Ireland-Internet Marketing Ireland Articles 2) Paid traffic.

To build a long term sustainable business model you should concentrate all of your marketing efforts on free traffic through good search engine optimization of your blogs and article marketing.

Creating Your Own Online Product
This entails creating your own information product which can be a good short report or ebook which will be downloadable instantly for your customer who pays online through Google or Paypal or credit card.

Content Publishing
Content publishing involves publishing content ie writing blog posts and information and using Google adsense as a method of monetization.This simply involves signing up with Google as a publisher and placing Google Adsense blocks on your site;when visitors click on an ad you get paid for each click.

This outlines the framework in which you can start and run a successful business on line and surpass the boundaries imposed by living on a small island on the periphery of Europe with a small population.