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Puja`s Sharma

Puja`s Sharma

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Read this article to know about sweatshirt.........

Women Sweatshirts were once seen as a gym or lazy weekend outfit strictly meant for casual wear and never meant to be worn out of the house or gym. In the recent past sweatshirts for women have come out to be a very funky cool and trendy piece of clothing which can be worn anywhere and at anything whether it be going to college or work even in day parties and lunches you can put on a sweatshirt which will make you look contemporary at the same time giving you all the comfort and ease yet making you look hot and chic.SWEATSHIRTS FOR ALL SEASONSSweatshirts for women available online are not only restricted to winters and cold weather wearing ,STYLE UP A SWEATSHIRT Articles as sweatshirts these days are made up of not only wool but also from cotton, cotton mix, polyester and other synthetic fibers therefore women sweatshirt can be worn in all seasons if you choose the correct material. People generally choose to wear woolen women sweatshirts in winters as they keep you warm and insulate you by trapping the heat inside and cotton or cotton mix women sweatshirts in summers as they are cool and lets your skin breathe letting the air to pass in.DIFFERENT TYPE OF SWEATSHIRTSThere are two basic types of sweatshirts for women available online. One is the Hoodie style which is round neck and as a hood attached to it. It looks sporty and casual which u can wear to gym your college, school or while hanging out with friends. The hoodie  style sweat for women can be teamed up with a pain for jeans or leggings with sneakers and converse shoes and u are ready to rock the world. The other style of women sweats available online is the front open zipper which also resembles a light jacket it look for formal and can be worn anywhere even to office if styled properly. A front open zipped sweatshirt will look the best when teamed up with a pair of Treggings and a bright formal scarf with it, knee length or ankle length boots will suit the best while wearing front open women sweatshirts.  TIPS TO WEAR A SWEATSHIRTSKIRT IT Add a twist of glamour to u basic sweatshirt by wearing a short mini skirt with you basic ladies sweatshirt. Some girls like to wear cropped sweatshirts with skirts, or long hoodie with shorts and tights for an ultra-urban appearance. We love that street style vibe,  it looks fabulous!!SLOGAN SWEATSHIRTSSome ladies pair a cool funny ant witty slogan printed sweatshirt with a pair of old and faded jeans nothing looks sexier than that.PARTY SWEATSHIRTSThe best way pull off a sweatshirt in a formal event or party is to choose a women sweatshirt online with embroideries, lace, sequins, beadwork and other cool accessories styled with skirts, shorts, pants, shirtdresses and other creative pieces.CHOOSING THE RIGHT FOOTWAREHigh knee length or low ankle length boots, fitflops, chappals, converse shoes, sneakers all look good with women sweats except from high pointed heels and stellatoes.Style a sweatshirt well and look chic!!