The Art of Promotional Modeling and Event Staffing

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Perfect skin,Guest Posting a natural look and charisma are essential traits and play a crucial role in reaching success in the world of modeling. Runway models have strict weight and height requirements and restrictions and magazine and photo shoots require a particular “Look”, but there is no longer a limit on modeling types or ways to get more exposure. The different aspects of modeling allow for a variety of opportunities and for the outgoing motivated bubbly personality individual wanting to get their foot in the door of the modeling world promotional and event staffing might be just the way to go to get noticed.  Promotional models are hired to cover a wide range of work and events.  Locations and actual modeling jobs can range from being on stands at exhibitions and booths to  interact and socialize with the attending crowd while distributing or relaying information about the client or company  the model was employed by to  attending car or motorcycle races and simply being the “Personality” of the event.  The main purpose of promotional models is to connect with the crowd and add a more realistic impression to an event.  Personality and image play a larger role in the world of promotional modeling, companies look for attractive, successful and friendly images to attract just the kind of people their company or product is looking for. Companies and event coordinators hire promotional models with a down to earth, natural beauty look because these models are sent to work at numerous locations and are on site for long hours with very little assistance from makeup artists.  Promotional modeling is very fast paced but there are many perks and amazing opportunities for exposure when hired by the right companies.  Models that carry themselves in a professional manner and show interest in the product or company they are employed by can obtain training, often paid, and at times are directly contracted.  Travel and accommodations are fully covered and the opportunity to represent a company at events all over the country can massively increase exposure as wells as allow for a higher level of recognition which can lead to more opportunities.  Most importantly, the doors are open for both Female and Male models.  Whether it is a cell phone company attempting to advertise their network capabilities, a computer promotion model proving how his computer is more to date than the “Other” brand in comical commercials, to a former overweight now more in touch with healthy foods restaurant promo model and spokesperson, opportunities for exposure are endless and if contracted with the right company a once struggling unknown model could become the new unforgettable face.

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