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If you are searching for original artwork to place in your home or business,Guest Posting it is easier to find these pieces by utilizing the World Wide Web. More artists today, such as Anita Murphy, are recognizing the power and convenience of the internet in marketing their work. In addition to direct presentation of art for sale online, the Web can be used to promote art shows in the region or the community. Artists also appear at flea markets and local galleries. To prepare a campaign to market artwork is similar in some ways to marketing other items. Every possible form of media is brought to bear to ensure that the product is presented and promoted as widely as possible. A positive slant must be maintained at all times. That being said, art is visual and words are not. Since many of the algorithms only recognize words when constructing rankings, artists must utilize other measures to promote their work online effectively. Because most of the emphasis in ranking is on words, it is important to be aware of the descriptive words used for images. The reference to tags can help in this process. Although meta tags are crucial, the artist may also find it helpful to use blogs and social media links to discuss their works. Ms. Murphy is a Canadian artist and has completed works in various mediums so that the world she sees is represented in her artistry. There are finished pieces that are oil-based, watercolors and charcoal. She has digital images and has a few that are done in acrylic. Using a variety of subjects and mediums is what keeps her work popular. When you look through the current selection of artwork online, you will see that there are many different subjects of her work. Still life groupings such as fruit, garlic and peppers are available. The artist shows one or two portraits, but not in the style of the Old Masters. Scenes that depict rural landscapes are fairly well represented. These may include fall or winter scenes, or abandoned buildings in a rural setting. An increasing use of blogs and social media is another way for artists to promote their work. There is a community of artists and fans who talk about the type of work that is being done. Describing a current location, or the sale of a favorite piece is worth a comment in the blog. For Murphy, discussing how she is trying a different style or approach is a good opportunity for buyers to learn more about the thought processes of an artist. Typically, preference of the work of a particular artist is a very personal thing. The appreciation of this artist is outside style and medium. What makes her interesting is her comments about her work. She is not bound by a specific style or subject. She even mentions her growing appreciation of Abstract as a style. Anita Murphy is a recognized artist whose work is found online. Her artwork covers the range from oil to note cards. It is available online and by mail order. Reading her blog about what she is working on and what are the current areas of interest is a fascinating peek into the potential for future works.

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