The Attitude that Attracts Global Clients

May 6


Kim Schott

Kim Schott

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to attract clients in another country? Well, it takes a strategy that goes beyond just income and benefits. The most effective business strategy for approaching foreign markets must recognize your attitude towards joy and freedom. If doing business globally gets you nervous, then read this article. Relax and enjoy!


About a year ago,The Attitude that Attracts Global Clients Articles I made an important discovery. I realized I could organize my life, my business, and my income at any level I wanted. In other words, I realized I could earn the money I wanted to earn, working with the ideal clients I wanted throughout the world, for however long I wanted, or not. I realized I alone had total and absolute control over this business I created. I discovered I didn't have to do all the work, but instead I had choices that would help me lead it all.

And, it all began with an attitude to determine where I wanted to attract clients. This attitude had to recognize the full spectrum of my life as an entrepreneur, wife and mother of a toddler. I had to have a conversation with myself, that went something like: Kim, what do you want? Geographic expansion outside of Michigan? More clients? More money? More time for myself and my family, without sacrificing revenue? More acknowledgement? More sleep?

I had to build an ideal vision of success in my mind, that took into consideration a lot more than just money. You see, I chose to have more fun with my family. I made time to get back massages. I chose to enjoy the clients that I work with as they reach towards higher levels of success. I wanted an office, where I could experience joy and freedom. I was determined to experience a lot more out of my every day, then just making money globally. And, I suspect that you and I have the same goals.

Want to know the recent trend that I've noticed in attitudes? So many self-employed professionals that I work with deny themselves the pleasure that comes from building their business strategy around what they really want: having fun, having purpose, working when they feel the most energized. They haven't uncovered their personal "why". And, the best part is, when all these personal "why" factors come together, they can multiply the levels of success and fulfillment within your business.

I'm totally convinced that when you answer the "why" behind your attitude, you'll find that you're being the best person you could possibly be to your local and global clients. So, let's do a little searching shall we?

- Why do you believe that your company deserves to succeed locally or globally?

- Why do you choose to work with foreign nationals?

- Why do you believe in your ability to help other people?

- Why do you choose to be the best at what you do?

You and I both know that it takes more than just exporting strategies to succeed in a global marketplace. You need to understand your personal "why" and you need to understand cultural values. You need to understand how to build high-trust relationships with other cultures so that you not only get the first sale. But all future sales.

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