The Best and Worst Ways to Seal Boxes

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Packaging can be a tricky business. This article coves the dos and don't to sealing boxes, with a step by step instruction for the safest and most secure way to seal a box.

Whether you're sending a parcel to somebody,Guest Posting or packaging a product to be sent out from a factory, how the box is sealed is what lets the customer know that your product has been safe from the moment it was sent out.  The way a box is sealed is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to packaging. 

The best way to seal a box is by first, washing your hands. If your hands are dirty and you're using tape to seal a box, the stuff on your hands will get stuck to the tape and can make the tape detach from the box. If at any point it looks like the seal didn't hold on your box, the customer or person purchasing the box will probably be unhappy and a little skeptical of any tampering that may have occurred in transport.

The second thing you need to look out for when it comes to proper sealing is that you cannot just use any sort of tape. For example, don't seal your box with masking tape. Masking tape is made to hold together light objects like paper. There is special tape used for sealing boxes. These tapes will specify that it's built to properly keep boxes sealed. These types of tape are sometimes made with polyester or polypropylene backs. These backings are more resistant to tearing and splitting in case of rough transport. They also seal the boxes so nothing can be slipped inside.

There are several ways that one should never try to seal a box with. For example, stapling a box with regular office staples is not appropriate. This can be dangerous is is not a reliable method of properly sealing a box. There are specific 'box staples' made specifically for sealing boxes. It's also best that if you choose to seal a box with box staples, you might also want to use a reliable form of glue (i.e. gorilla glue) to ensure that the box is secure from damages that may leak through.

Another unreliable (but common) method is by using duct tape. Duct tape isn't built to last through obstacles like rough handling or harsh weather. Duct tape also tears easily and could completely become undone by the time the package arrives at its destination. As stated before, if you decide to seal your boxes with tape, make sure that the tape is labeled specifically for sealing boxes.

Ensuring that your box is properly sealed with the proper materials ensures that your customer will be pleased with the security that their package arrived in. Should you not take the proper measures in sealing a box correctly, and it arrives completely undone and damaged, can easily result in an unhappy customer, therefore resulting in an unhappy you.

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