The Cartoner Machine: An Overview

May 1


Andrew C Clark

Andrew C Clark

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Learn the basics of the cartoner machine. This hot melt equipment helps with the assembly of cartons prior to and after the insertion of different products.

What is a Cartoner Machine?

A cartoner machine,The Cartoner Machine: An Overview Articles which also goes by cartoners or carton gluers, helps with the assembly of packaging cartons prior to and after the insertion of different products. These machines are part of the wider packaging machinery family and come in a variety of forms. To make sure you select the best equipment for your particular manufacturing needs, begin with these questions:

  • What are your present costs and your return on investment goals? This can help you identify a budget for your purchase.
  • What products are you assembling cartons for? Do they have any special requirements when it comes to packaging?
  • How is your organization’s technical and maintenance know-how?
  • What is your service plan for this new machinery?
  • How will you ensure delivery times are met?
The Different Types of Cartoner Machines

After you've determined answers to the questions above, you're ready to begin shopping for a cartoner machine. At Glue Machinery Corporation, we offer multiple benchtop, hands-free hot melt units that ensure you get quality packages with a perfect hot melt bead every time.

Shot Pot Fast ™ Carton Gluer

This hot melt unit and sealer delivers fast packaging with very simple operation, adhesive savings with a perfect glue bead, and safe gluing with handsfree operation.

Ideal Uses:

  • Food carton assembly
  • Fabric swatch manufacturing
  • Product bag assembly
Shot Pot Timer ™ 1

This hot melt metering system applies precise, repeatable hot melt patterns to components that are moved under the nozzle. Both hands are free to move the component requiring precise hot melt dots or lines, which means increased product quality. Hot melt consumption will also be reduced because this machine applies only the quantity of adhesive set by the operator.

Ideal Uses:

  • Labeling of bottles and other containers
  • Circuit board manufacturing
  • Small carton production
Shot Pot Timer ™ 2

Like the  Shot Pot Timer ™ 1, this foot-operated machine features a PID temperature control and applies precise, repeatable hot melt patterns.

Ideal Uses:

  • Tray erecting
  • Circuit board manufacturing
  • Small carton production
Industries That Use Cartoner Machines

We provide cartoner machines and other packaging solutions for the following industries:

  • Food & beverage companies
  • Beauty
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Consumer products (Amazon, other big e-commerce sites)
How to Maintain Your Cartoner Machine

Maintaining your cartoner machines is key to avoiding downtime and keeping your equipment running optimally for years. Follow these steps as part of a recurring maintenance schedule determined by your team's needs.

  • Inspect filters and replace them if needed.
  • Check hot melt hoses and tanks for wear and clean them.
  • Clean or replace nozzles and hoses.
  • Run a cleaning solvent through the carton gluer and drain before adding a new hot melt adhesive.