MiniCat in 2020: Our Favorite Inflatable Sailboat 5 Years Later

May 27


Andrew C Clark

Andrew C Clark

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MiniCat is a brand new product in the USA. The company is a manufacturer of quality inflatable catamaran sailboats. Red Beard Sailing is the first to offer this boat commercially in the United States. We are going to spread the word as best as we can to show people there is another option for sailing out there.


It’s been 5 years since MiniCat came to the USA,MiniCat in 2020: Our Favorite Inflatable Sailboat 5 Years Later Articles and Red Beard Sailing couldn’t be prouder to be the East Coast Distributor for the world’s favorite portable sailboat. As you know, we specialize in inflatable sailboats, and we only carry the best in the business. The MiniCat does not disappoint.

Offering 4 sizes that are capable of crewing 1 to 4 people, MiniCats are also built to go anywhere. All models fit into 1 to 3 bags and can be assembled in 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the model. You can even remove the mast and add an outboard to transform these boats into a tender. To top it off, they also come with a 24-month warranty.

So what’s happened in the last 5 years?


  • In 2018, MiniCat launched the MiniCat Guppy.
  • In 2019, MiniCat gave a facelift to all of its models.
  • In 2020, MiniCat launched an all-new 460 Elite model, with an ultra-light carbon fiber mast, rudder, and bowsprit.
  • And Since 2015, Red Beard Sailing has sold over 100 MiniCats!


Before we dive into the MiniCat fleet, if you’re looking for a quick overview of what MiniCat has to offer, check out our brand new MiniCat Overview page. You can compare the entire fleet, view a variety of videos, and learn more about the MiniCat brand.


The 2020 MiniCat Inflatable Sailboat Lineup


MiniCat Guppy

Based off of the popular MiniCat 310, the Guppy is designed to be efficient and straightforward. A perfect boat for beginners, the Guppy assembles in just 10 minutes. Fitting in just one bag, you can transport the Guppy by car and even check it as luggage for a flight.

Starting at just $3,500, the Guppy provides value that is hard to beat at that price. A perfect toy for bringing along in your camper or a larger boat or yacht.


Shop Guppy


  MiniCat 310

MiniCat’s first boat, now over 15 years old, is the MiniCat 310. Large enough for 2 people and assembling is just 25 minutes.

Say goodbye to your slip and trailer.

As is standard for all MiniCats, the 310 fits in a bag. Weighing only 77lbs, the 310 will fit in many cars and most SUVs with ease. A compact boat that is built for performance, it’s no wonder that the MiniCat 310 is such a popular boat.

The MiniCat 310 is offered in 2 different trim levels. Super, and Sport.

  • Super is the base model boat and is great for beginners or kids. This boat is rated for 2 people.
  • Sport is similar to the Super and introduces a roller furler for the jib. This is the one we recommend.


“Since the first time I saw a MiniCat being sailed (circa 2009), I was so impressed at how so much fun could be had from a sailing boat that you could carry in a bag.”


- Laura Dekker, Youngest Sailor to solo-circumnavigate the world


Shop MiniCat 310


MiniCat 420


The MiniCat 420 is Red Beard Sailing’s best selling boat! Are we surprised? Not at all.

The MiniCat 420 can crew up to 4 people and has a carrying capacity of 992lbs, making it large enough for the entire family without sacrificing on performance. 

The 420 is offered in 4 different trim levels: Instinct, Emotion, Evoque, and the Laura Dekker Edition.

  • Instinct is the base model and is the only 420 model that does not have a boomed mainsail. A plus for parents in that no heads will get knocked by the boom. This boat has a lighter-weight mast for easier stepping than the Emotion and above.
  • Emotion comes with a boomed mainsail and dedicated forestay, providing greater sail shape control.
  • Evoque is a “carbon” copy of the Emotion, the difference being it uses carbon fiber instead of aluminum or fiberglass on the bowsprit, boom, and rudder
  • Laura Dekker Edition is similar to the Evoque, but features a red, white, and blue sail design and a carbon fiber Poly-X racing mainsail!


Shop MiniCat 420


MiniCat 460

The largest boat in the MiniCat Fleet is the MiniCat 460. Measuring 15 feet in length, the 420 is impressively lightweight, coming in at 128lbs. Fitting into three bags, the MiniCat 460 maintains the MiniCat tradition being ultra-portable and built for performance.

If you’re looking for speed, we highly recommend the gennaker and snuffer add-on to this boat. Featuring a 129 ft² (12 m²) sail area, the performance increase is noticeable.

The 460 is offered in 2 different trim levels: the Esprit and the brand-new 460 Elite.


  • Esprit offers an additional 20ft² of sail area compared to the MiniCat 420 and can carry an impressive 1,212lbs.
  • Elite is the only MiniCat with a carbon fiber mast! The lightweight mast adds stability, speed, and more control. The mast is light enough to lift with one hand!

Shop MiniCat 460


MiniCat Assembly:

MiniCat Guppy

  • 1 Storage & Transport Bag w/ Wheels
  • Total Weight: 58 pounds
  • 10 minute assembly time




MiniCat 310

  • 1 Bag w/ Wheels (optional 2 smaller bags for single bag weight reduction)
  • Bag Size: 1x 54" x 15" x 15" (77lbs) [Optional 2x 54" x 12" x 12" (38 lbs each)]
  • Total Weight: 77 lbs
  • 25 minute assembly time




MiniCat 420

  • 2 Bags w/ Wheels
  • Bag Size: 2x 68" x 12" x 12" (approximately 50 lbs each)
  • Total Weight: 97 lbs
  • 30 minute assembly time



MiniCat 460

  • 3 Bags (2 with wheels)
  • Bag Sizes: 2x 68" x 12" x 12" (50 lbs each) | 1x 39" x 12" x 12" (20 lbs)
  • Total Weight: Esprit: 128 lbs | Elite 118 lbs
  • 45 minute assembly time



One of the best aspects of owning a MiniCat is the number of accessories that are available. You can really craft the sailing experience you’re looking for.

MiniCat doesn’t hold back with how you can customize your boat. Red Beard Sailing carries MiniCat:

  • Outboard Mounts
  • Front Trampolines
  • Gennakers
  • Inflatable Seats
  • Trolly Wheels

Check out or MiniCat Accessories Buyer's Guide to find out which accessories best suit your needs!

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