The details of added micro-silica fume to the ground floor concrete

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As we all know, the micro-silica fume is a effective concrete admixtures, superplasticizer, increase the strength of the concrete to reduce porosity and the amount of cement and many other merit. 

If improper operation will affect the quality of the products,Guest Posting also affect the cost, human and material resources, and more at the same time!

Micro-silica fume added industrial floor concrete should pay attention to what the details? Micro-silica fume’s color is between light gray and dark gray, the density of the about 2. 2g/cm3 lighter than cement. The silicon powder particles is very small, the cement particles have an average diameter of only 1/100. The physical properties of silica fume determines tiny particles of silica fume has a high degree of dispersion, and can be sufficiently filled in between the cement particles, increase the density in the slurry after hardening.

1, Although the micro-silica fume can improve the performance of the new mixing hardened concrete, but if improperly can also cause the quality of the accident, so in the process of using we should pay attention to the following details: 1. Due to the particle size of micro-silica fume, large surface area and high water demand, so while add micro silica fume to the concrete mixed, it should combined with superplasticizer to achieve good results. 2. the method of micro-silica fume add to concrete including within the mixed method and without mixed method. Within the mixed method to reduce the amount of cement, therefore the law is generally used in low grade concrete; Mixed method does not reduce the amount of cement generally used for high-grade concrete. 3 in concrete, the micro silicon powder dosage should not be too high or too low, it generally use about 5% to 10%, the beneficial effect of this range of micro-silica fume play the best, that is not only micro-silica fume instead of cement play the best, the excellent performance into full play, and avoid adverse effects, if the content of micro-silica fume is greater than 15%, lower frost resistance of concrete. 4. due to the high consistency of micro-silica fume concrete, in the design of concrete slump should be larger than ordinary concrete about 2 ~~ 3cm. 5. micro-silica fume concrete mixing time should be longer than the ordinary concrete about 0.5 to 1min, in order to make the concrete more uniform mixing to prevent micro silica fume in concrete into the group caused by the quality of the accident. 6. Mixed with micro-silica fume concrete, we must strengthen the early conservation, prevent concrete plastic shrinkage cracks.

2, Best conditions of micro silica fume in the cement paste and concrete: In order to make more effective use of micro-silica fume and improved microstructure of hardened cement paste, many metal powder suppliers conduct more detailed studies about the best conditions of micro-silica fume cement paste and concrete, researches in this area, including water-cement ratio, silica fume dosage, admixtures and other volcanic ash admixture choose and its amount. There is an optimal water-cement ratio range of micro-silica fume in the cement paste and concrete applications, generally beyond the scope of micro-silica fume will reduce the improvement of hardened cement paste and concrete microstructure.

Micro-silica fume can effectively improve the hardened cement paste and concrete micro-structure, but due to the small particle size of the silica fume, large specific surface area, so after the incorporation of micro-silica fume silica fume cement paste and concrete with silica fume doped The increase in the amount of water demand increases, and the contraction also increases. Therefore, the micro-silica fume dosage generally limited to between 5% to 10%, and to regulate the water demand superplasticizer, at the same time, there is a compatibility problem between the cement, micro silica fume admixture, therefore must pay attention to the application conditions, the use of micro-silica fume. Concrete mixed with micro-silica fume silica fume may result from the contraction of the concrete and concrete generally is mixed with silica fume concrete with special requirements, therefore, the use of micro-silica fume concrete hardened cement paste and the beneficial effect of the concrete performance, we must minimize the adverse effects of micro-silica fume silica fume at the same time, the most effective way to solve this problem is mixed with silica fume admixture other pozzolanic materials or other substances, so They learn from each other to improve the technical and economic effect. Currently, more research is using of superfine slag and micro-silica fume complex doped, or the use of fly ash and micro silica fume complex doped.


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