The development trends of aloe vera extract in the international market

Dec 4


David Yvon

David Yvon

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Aloe is a kind of perennial Liliaceae succulent herbaceous plant, originated inAfrica, belonging to tropical plant. The cultivation of aloe can be both in the open field and greenhouse.


Aloe vera is a kind of plant which has edible, The development trends of aloe vera extract in the international market Articles beautify, health care and medicine functions as well as ornamental features. Aloe has complex composition, generally can be divided into 6 major categories: Anthraquinone compounds, polysaccharides and derivatives, organic acids and amino acids, enzymes and peptides, steroids and vitamins, minerals and the like. For convenience to process, use, transport and sell, many companies are processed the aloe leaf into various extracts and products. Those extracts are mainly the aloe freeze-dried powder, spray powder; aloe normal juice, concentrate juice; aloe fruit, jam, etc. The circulating products in the market are mainly the aloe vera extract and aloe terminal products.


International market status of aloe vera extract


On the worldwide scale, aloe vera extracts are mainly circulating in the form of freeze-dried powder, spray powder and drying powder, it has been widely used in cosmetics material, health food, beverages, dairy products, daily necessities, medicine and other fields. According to statistics, the world's annual sales of aloe raw material and its products were exceeded 65 billion dollars in 1997. Experts estimate that within the next ten years, the world's output value of aloe industry will exceed 100 billion dollars.


United States is the country which developed and applied the most aloe products. Began to develop in 1950s, the late 1970s and early 1980s United States has been prevailing on use aloe products, then the aloe nose-dive, finally embarked on a steady and healthy development. Now, various items for people basic necessities in the U.S. supermarket are related to aloe. It has been developed more than 1500 kinds of aloe-containing products, produce over 10,000 tons of aloe vera gel, supplying for Europe and dozens of countries in the world.


The United States has advanced aloe processing equipments, the main products include aloe industrial raw materials; there also have aloe terminal products, such as aloe series health food, aloe series beauty skin care products, aloe series daily necessities. These products are praised in the market as the "timeless life products". In Europe, people are rarely planted aloe, there are mainly research on aloe vera extract, developed a series of products. People often purchase the qualifying aloe powder to deep process, produce various foods, cosmetics, nutritional products and pharmaceuticals. French are mainly purchasing aloe vera extract to apply in cosmetics, while Germany are mainly apply in the food, beer and other fields. European demand for a great amount of aloe vera extract, they are very particular about the quality and production processes of aloe vera extract, including the active ingredient content, freshness, production plants, processing requirements specifications.


In Japan, various medicines, beauty, cosmetics, food and beverage products are made from aloe vera extract, they are very popular, sold to all over the world, the annual sales are over 20 billion dollars. Japan is very interested in Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine with high level of modernization, the application of aloe vera extract has two forms, one is directly freeze-dried the qualified aloe leaf, grinding into flour, then add it to the product; another is extracting, separating, purifying the active ingredient in aloe, then prepared a variety of products. Aloe vera extract in Korea is mainly used in food, beverage and nutritional products. Japan and Korea are mainly imported the aloe powder from the United States and China, aloe fruit is imported from Thailand, China and other places. The price gap of various aloe vera extracts is larger.


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