The End of Traditional Advertising - Long Live Promotonal Products

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A new way to advertise via targeted romotional products

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Future trend,Guest Posting no more newpapers ? .More and more newpapers are dead.... The wave of the future may be logo-imprinted products, which have proven to be a better value than either newsprint or online advertising. targeted to your exisitng and future clients are moreeffective in promotion your brand.

Newsprint advertising is becoming less and less a bargain, in a world where consumers are increasingly getting their information online and from non traditional sources. The Newspaper Association of America surveys show print advertising dropping by about 2 percent every year. The good news for business owners? Imprinted products can pick up where newsprint advertising leaves off.

Newspaper ad sales reps have long claimed that newsprint advertising is more effective than online advertising, because a newsprint ad is tangible - it's an advertisement the potential customer clip out, hold in there hand, and carry with them to the store. Online advertising only visual.

But nothing is more tangible or valued than an imprinted gift promotional product with your company's name, logo, and contact information. Imprinted products have a large long term advantage over visual images that flicker on a computer screen and newsprint ads that appear with yesterday's news: they are durable. Easy to distribute, imprinted logo products also can be held in the hand and carried to the store, especially if your advertising specialty item is a logo keytag or an imprinted pen.

And unlike online ads that disappear with the click of a mouse, or newsprint ads that end up lining the trash can, your imprinted product will continue to be useful to the customer - and a useful advertising marketing tool for you - for months to come.

So learn to say thank you to your long term clinets with a thoughtful gift now and again.. Remeber the secratary as well as the person who helped you get into see the potential client.

Promotional products can cost as little as a few pennies for a sewing kit to 100's of items under a dollar each such as stress squeeze balls, desk staplers, stress squeeze balls, for the office. Personal items suxh as sewing kits , combs, brushes or for the ladies (so often forgot) cosmetic brusg sets or lip balm.

These impprinted products all carry your logo, business name and contact info.

Remember to carry something in withyour nest sales call as well as shipping with your catalogs ot youor next trade shows.

Potential clients wil stop by your booth aswell as show off their freebies to others in the trade hall.

Inexpensive yes - but highly effective also = promotional products - targeted advertising .

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