The False Leaders of Network marketing and affiliate programs

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An outline of false and pretend leaders and how they conduct everyday business.  A wide varity of marketing systems that include some type of affiliate program with other competing network marketers on the net. from greedy network marketers to they know everything kind of experts. Giving you wam fuzzies to misguided hope as to derail you from any kind of success.

Ever since the introduction of money making programs became available. Mis-guiding experts decided to become more of a nuisance than provide realistic help to the newcomers on the net.

The type false experts to watch for

The Warm fuzzies and other positive thinking Guru

These presenters seem to have such enlightenment That they forget about the real aspect of internet businesses and decide to market anything and everything. Coming up with a slew of unrealistic facts and answers about internet marketing as a whole. And alot of these marketers are involved in new age cults. Their sole intent is to brainwash you. They been trained by the EST mind control seminars to use all the right words to convince you their plan is the right one. They always use emotion as a tool to convince new comers begining a home business. Some of these individauls react badly at anything negative. Like throwing holy water at a vampire. The reaction is always the same. Just mention something from the ripoff report or some other consumer avocate website.

They Know Everything leaders with all the answers.

They may have an answer for just about everything even when it doesnt make any sense. They still in general will stand by it most of the time. They also tend to market everything and anything because they cant grasp the real meaning why they are in business just like other types of marketers. It boils down to one thing. There in it for the money and not the science of marketing with helping people into a productive busines opportunity. I will further explain the greedy type thats in in for the money and nothing else/

The know It alls can be pesty at times when dealing with them. But if they are pretty much swimming in money. They can be alittle arrogant. Sometimes very arrogant towards the people who are poor that are on a limited income.

Just because they are making loads of money doesnt aways mean you should trust them. You would be a fool if you let someone sway you to join them just because they are making tons of money. They could very well be affiliate garbage junkies that sign up for worthless affiliate programs and MLM opportunities. As for Affiliate programs. In a nut shell is they are a dumbed down version of Network marketing. An article in PTO Today points out that they do have lots of knowlege and may bend over backwards to correct you. But some know It alls are real phony causing you to believe their bogus information.

The greedy Network marketer.

There has been many MLM businesss that came and gone. As the saying goes with individuals hopping from one business to the next. The Network companies such as Wake up now which ceased MLM opperations. Companies such as Empower Network which has a Compensation Plan that is unethical,Guest Posting unorthidox of payout. Companies that flamed out of popularity like Mentors in motion opperate the same way.

Pathilogical Liars

These individauls can do the most damage by getting you to believe their fantasies on the entire spectrum. Some may claim that they are multi millionairs and have businesses of their own but when comes to backing up their claims with the facts.  a little digging is required. They always run and hide giving nothing but excuses.  These leaders are the fake it till you make it pitchman. Always giving people misleading income claims that are unrealistic.

Many sociopaths have charactoristics of pathilogical lying along with the religous cult leaders today. There are plenty of articles on this type of behavior. And If you are going to to attempt to battle them in a game of wits. Its best that you be armed with the certain kind of knowledge.

Dream stealers

Well these people can inflict the greatest damage of all time if you let them. They can be your best friend, your next door neighbor, and even a close family member. Their main ejective is to talk you out of on your pursuit of your goals, your business, and your dreams. But remember, Dream stealers come in all shapes and forms. Sometimes they can talk you into quiting your legitimate business opportunity only to pursway you into joining their worthless junk program. I love these type. I join yours if you join mine. More then likely when you sign up with their business, You know it as well as I do that they never intend to sign with your business opportunity. Some dream stealers are actually narcissistic business persons that are a bit threatened by your pursuit of success and are jealous of it. They will try any means necessary to stop you. If any of your friends are like that in any way. They need to be dropped like a hot potato.

If you havent already encountered such experts by today. You probably will sometime. These people can be the most crafty individauls anyone came across. Indeed, they will come up with the wildest hype stories anybody has heard just to convince you to join their business on the spot without allowing you to research the proposed opportunity they are selling you. Remember, there is no pie in the sky, no quick wealth overnight, and no lazy way to riches. Their intent is to con newbies out of their hard earned cash. Bottom line is: they care only about padding their wallet by signing up newbies who are the most which lack research knowlege. Even the experts that dont take time to do their own research risk damaging their credibility greatly.

Dont be pressured into a business by time windows. Such as the price will increase in sixty days if you dont join today and other simular high pressure selling tactics.

Never join a business just because someone new you met says so. Look up their track record. How many affiliate programs have they been in? What network marketing companies did they get involved in? do they jump into something every six to 14 months? If so, then why? did the business fizzle out and go bankrupt?

Never Join programs that promotes expensive products and services on the back end deals. . You could damage your credibility in the near future when things go sour. A good solid affiliate program will have an inhouse tracking. The ones relying on affiliate network third party systems are not recommended.

Always take time to do your homework by researching the opportunity before getting involved by asking questions about it. How long they been in business? are other people successful at it? what are they selling? What kind of Business or opportunity is it? Never respond to blind ads or blind sales pitches to get you to a meeting. Blind pitches are always a canned sales pitch of " we are a work at home opportunity come to the meeting and I tell you about it" If they don't emphansize what kind of Business it is such as service industry, type of products they offer before the presentation. Walk away, just walk away and pursue it no longer. You be better off in the long run.

A business opportunity will never be easy. It takes time to develope it. Takes time to build it. And it takes time to promote it. Never believe anyone that says its easy. They are just lying to you. Most important of all is not to get emotional over a home business opportunity.

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