Dumbing down of the Network Marketing Industry

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Deliberate Dumbing Down of America has been brought with a all too new meaning when out of thin air. Ever since then, just about everything has been dumbed down on a vast scale that is extremely alarming

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America The  is a book that was written by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. But since its conception other individuals noticed dumbing down happening in other industries and started investigating the ongoing dilemma.

The sociologist Pierre Bourdieu noted cultural capital as a means of social mobility,Guest Posting which is diminished by the processes of dumbing down. Dumbing down is a deliberate diminution of the intellectual level of education, literature, cinema, news, and culture. Has the deliberate dumbing down of America been expanded to other arenas, sectors and other industries? If you look at how other industries been dumbed down like the music industry. Such as the diet industry. Plus marketing and its industry on the wide spectrum  been dumbed down. Apparently it has. Even Network Marketing which is MLM has been completely dumbed down. The evidence of this is made the presence known by the utterly known  protocols that is over discussed of using lists and talk of warm markets with less emphasized strategies of other forms of advertising which are proven.

Music Is Dumbed Down. As matter of fact the whole music industry in its entire vast record companies had a part of dumbing down the music. There is dumbing down of the food industry, the automobile industry, including the fashion industry. The dumbing down of the gaming industry. Many believe the gaming industry has degenerated its standards of intellect to some extent perhaps to appeal to everyone. You will not find an industry left that has not been effected by dumbing it down. Even the network marketing industry been dumbed down on a grand scale. That the beginner network marketers have no idea how to use protocols of generating a profitable business. When we encounter people in the industry  that been it in a while. "Rest assured it was not MLM that made them have this mindset, but pure logic and reasoning says that the use of mind control made them that way. But as a result, If they claim that they can spout out more wisdom  by talking in their sleep than the average middle-aged person giving a presentation" is clear that they have become under the influence of mind control programming. That kind of reasoning is a clear indication that their reasoning has been dumbed down by some training system that taught you to state things in that manner. It partly narrows it down that type of reasoning individuals get is from A Network marketing event sponsored by a network marketing company. if that person hasn't payed for a DVD video or CD training course.  So in fact it is a concise admission that one has been brainwashed.

The Bottom Line is that a lot of network Marketing leaders will tell you to make a list of everyone you know. Friends and family, people you know are your warm market list. SO WHAT! The truth of the fact is you can't rely on your warm market at all as means of producing sales.  What you really need is the Network Marketing veterans. Those who Been in MLM for awhile, The newbies should be considered inexperienced, Not educated enough, More than likely are gullible that fall easily for hyped MLM programs. Which the Greedy, a bit self-absorbed with over inflated egotistical Network Marketers consistently and cleverly promote. Newbies will often be lured away from solid Businesses because of misleading information because they lack the skills of doing diligence. 

Emily R. Coleman State that the dirty little secret that’s not being talked about in public:  Marketing is dumbing itself down. in here blog post. She says that LinkedIn is becoming flooded with discussions on issues that were settled years ago.   http://www.colemanmgt.com/the-dumbing-down-of-marketing-2/   There are social networks such as FaceBook and Pintrest. There a numerous blogs that one can use.  Next we should talk about is how did everything get so dumbed down and it is evident that everything is completely out of touch from reality. Mark Yarnell mentions  that dumbed down without a fight has happened in his website. http://markyarnell.com/dumbed-down-without-a-fight/
With the The Dumbing Down of Pay Per Click. That seems that many affiliate marketers are experiencing the same problem. With the advent of Dumbing down MLM which is most evident that affiliate programs are a dumbed down version of network marketing. To be exact affiliate program is nothing more than diet MLM.  Because of all the ridiculous stigmas attached to it. A lot fled from it have created their own incomplete systems of success which causes many in the affiliates and website owners into the same dilemma the ran from. Those in with the PPC industry should be aware of the dumbing down of that industry if it hasn't yet,  according to The Sempost website about dumbing down of pay per click.

With the discussion of dumbing down Network marketing, We need to resist the urge of becoming part of the dumbing down collective. The reason is that there is talk of doubling down of dumbing down of American along with doubling down of dumbing down of network marketing as well of all industries. But if we dilute ourselves by repeating slogans used by Network marketing leaders that regularly use that deliberately throw the new network marketers that just came on the scene under the bus because they have end up running out of their warm market list of names of contacts. Then we as network marketing leaders have become our own worst enem

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