The Importance of Conservation Architecture

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They say that the life of a city exists beyond its inhabitants because of its architecture.  The buildings that stand in a city consist in them an incredible amount of history.  They are the ones which would have stood through countless celebrations,Guest Posting wars and revolutions that the city would have faced in its time.  They are the mute testament to the soul of the city.  The buildings are the one part of the city that represent its people better and more aptly than any other part does, because they are almost immortal.  It is thus of imperative importance that these beautiful buildings be conserved and maintained with the utmost love and care. 

Conservation is that art of architecture that deals with maintaining the characteristic of a building exactly as it was meant to be by the people who built it eras back in the past.  It involves two very different arts of using the most contemporary and developed sciences and technologies in order to preserve a historical building to its most original form.  Thus, a conservation architect should have intimate knowledge of both history as well as the most contemporary facets of architecture.  Not only the interest, a conservation architect should have a great amount of passion for his city too, so that he or she does his or her best to preserve the soul of the city. 

The city of Edinburgh is host to a number of beautiful and unique example of architecture.  It still retains the Gothic look that it had ages ago, and that is only because its inhabitants have taken diligent and meticulous care to conserve these buildings.  When in Edinburgh, a person almost feels like he or she has gone back to the 17th century, because the buildings that were built then still stand proudly today, representing a great and proud heritage, a testimony to everything that Edinburgh and its inhabitants have been through for more than three hundred years. 

An Edinburgh architect who is passionate about his or her city and is worth his or her salt thus holds the heart and soul of Edinburgh in his or her capable hands.  The idea of conservation is that the beauty of the building should be maintained and at the same time its structure and strength should not be compromised.  Thus, an Edinburgh architect who is interested in conserving its regal buildings should not aim to change its style or looks, but only to tweak, that is, enhance its already existing beauty. 

The job that these people hold is a very important one.  They are the ones who work so hard in order to make sure that the bridge between the past and the future is narrowed down to as much extent as possible.  To do this requires a special kind of creativity.  It does not require new ideas as much as the capability to envision how a building would have looked in its original splendor, and then working day in and day out to make this vision come true. 

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