The Need & Use of Chinese Takeout Boxes

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Chinese Takeout Boxes are one of the most iconic packagings around the world. They are created of white paper stock and are embellished with a pagoda – a red building on the side and a Thank You at the top while caring both of them red.


The red color is mainly used because it has a vast worth in Chinese culture. Chinese preferred to be a symbol of happiness,Guest Posting luck, and joy for them. They have a strong implication with this color, believing that it can protect them against all the bad luck and sins.


Named After China, These Boxes Are American:

You may already know that the Chinese food is provided in America is completely change from what is presented in China. The American Chinese restaurants try to mimic their taste but fail to serve the real Chinese food to their buyers.


In the same manner, Americans make the Chinese Takeout Boxes that are not Chinese at all. They shouldn't even be called Chinese because they are, in reality, an invention of Americans and have no use in China.


Frederick Weeks Wilcox, a maker in America, developed these folded packaging boxes for the first time by getting motivated by the traditional Japanese Origami. Wilcox created it in 1894 by using one sheet of paper pail and folding it into a case in such a manner that it minimized the leaks. He further added a thin wire on the top that would deal as a handle to grip it conveniently.


The need and use of these Chinese Takeout packaging boxes were most felt when the Chinese culture advance in the U.S. during the California Gold Rush. In that period, a great number of Chinese restaurants were opened in the state, and these packaging cases began getting used for the takeout of food.


Fold-Pak was one brand that used to craft these packaging boxes in those days. A graphic designer of Fold-Pak, whose name is regrettably not recognized, the added pagoda on its side and a Thank You at the top, writing it to imitate the Chinese calligraphy. 


That is all that is recognized to date about these traditional and historical delicate Chinese Takeout covers. They are called Chinese takeout packaging but are not serve in china like the ways in other states.


The Tendency Towards Takeout Food:

Another cause why Chinese takeout packaging is not used in China is that their lifestyle doesn't go in hand with these packaging boxes' consumption. Chinese people do not consider eating from restaurants or taking away food to their places.


Instead, they admire cooking their dishes themselves and relish them in the comfort of their homes. Their manner of living is relatively easy and healthy, unlike other fancy lifestyles followed by the Americans.

So generally, these packaging boxes are a demand for fast-paced lifestyles that commonly take place in the U.S. and its native states. People over there mostly consider going out for dining in food or takeaways.


These significantly functional and innovative custom Chinese Takeout packaging are mainly used repeatedly despite the state they are named after.


Uses of these Highly Functional Boxes:

Chinese food is one of the most famous and delicious cuisines in the world. It is not only developed on the most generous flames but is also presented when boiling.


With the increasing demand for Chinese food worldwide back in the late '80s, there was a requirement for packaging that could handle such hot food without creating any tangle.


Back then, the takeout of Chinese food was hard, and getting some effective packaging was necessary. That was the period when Chinese takeout food packaging was invented in Chicago. These folded packaging boxes were specially developed to manage the hotness and reduce any leakage. 


Besides serving as food packaging, these cases can also be turned into a plate whenever needed. You can open their sides smoothly to turn them into a balanced state and get the benefit of a plate whenever you desire. So generally, they act as a two-in-one packaging, which is a crucial point.


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