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Read all about types of stationary in use. Find brief description and examples of stationary products.. 

Stationary started with few products,Guest Posting ranging from pen, rubber, pencil, slate and chalk to mind boggling array of products that we use now. The word has become an industry with a large manufacturing base all over the World.

The field is now diversified on basis of use. As a product lines grows new possibilities emerge and we experience versatility in usage. The product are used in many businesses now and many business create usage for the products. That's stationary for you. It is now used in nearly all businesses besides communication and in printer technology.

Stationary Applications

School Stationary: It comprised of note books , pen, pencil and sharpeners to which were later added the marker pen, carbon copy and colors. These are used still as earlier with the range of pen and pencil vastly increased.

Personalized Stationary : It is one of the largest segment in this industry with most of the innovation as regards concept and design. Personal letterheads, greeting cards, envelopes,visiting cards, festival greetings and new year greetings. The greetings whence imprinted using one’s name become personalized often design and photographs are personal choice.

Office Stationary: It is in use since modern industry and businesses came into the picture. The office requirement was initially typewriter ribbons, rolls, files, letterheads, envelopes, pens, ink and then it evolved into printer ink cartridges, paper rolls, thermal papers, fax paper, staplers and so on.

Restaurant Stationary: We are all familiar with printed menu cards, guest checks, order pads, cash register rolls, cups and glasses made of paper, food packing containers, brown bags, carry home bags, paper tissues and more.

Convenience Stationary: Used for our daily needs like fax paper, ATM Rolls, bill books, receipts. Carry bags, tissue papers, toilet paper rolls, writing pads, pen and pencil and more.

Engineering & Industry : Usually same products are required in this case but addition is of catalogs, product brochures, fax paper, memo pads, drawing paper, scales, rotering pens and pencils, engineering paper and so on.

|The products are sold in generic form as well as branded. The latter are more in demand and costly nevertheless consumers identify quality with brands. The market has widened with increase in number of manufacturers hence competition has brought down prices. The stationary comparison sites have enabled increased bargaining thanks to number of schemes and discounts available along with price comparisons.

The stationary product dealers offer bulk or wholesale prices which are more economical. Hence large consumers like businesses and industries are able to avail much more benefits than purchasers with requirement of limited quantity.

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