The use of Printed Labels as a promotional tool

Oct 28




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Label is one of the major tools for marketing. Labels which are used for branding product, racking, shipments and marketing products are known as custom labels. Labels are used extensively. Not only this, they are even used in various electrical products.

They are usually printed. If we notice whatever product we buy,The use of Printed Labels as a promotional tool Articles there always is a custom label on it that tells us about the brand of which we are buying the product. In short, custom label is the first and the last thing the customer sees before he finally makes the break to actually buy the product. Therefore one has to put quite an energy and good effort into printing the type of label. Unlike other promotional and advertising tools, the Labels are not restricted to one single use but serve multiple purposes. Product identification, name tags, advertising, warnings, and other communication are a few purposes the printed labels can provide. Digital labels are special type of printed labels. Digital printers are used to print them and they have special constructions such as RFID tags, security printing, and sandwich process labels. It is not only a paper or clothe on which these labels can be printed. They can even be printed on vinyl, foil and polypropylene. The material depends on the product that sticker has to be attached on. The labels can even be hand written. The style or size of the label can be chosen from the templates or can be custom made as well. Other than the typed information, a company can get its logo or slogan printed on the custom printed labels as well. There are a number of software which can be used to make Printed Labels. The most popular ones are Photoshop or Dream Weaver. In the business world, the labels are very important. Labels not only give a professional impression but also help us recognize things. Labels can be hand written as well but cheap labels printing is always preferred because it is much neater and cost effective. Printing can save much more time as compare to hand written labels. Other than that, printed labels are easy to read can save one from unnecessary errors. If a company feels that it cannot get the labels printed just the way it wants, then it is definitely wrong because custom printed labels can be made exactly 100 percent the way the company wants. The style, font, design and format, everything of a printed label can be customized. Therefore it can be concluded that labels are very important. They are flexible and serve multiple purposes. Even a political message can be spread through the custom printed labels. Custom labels can be used to advertise and promote almost any product. The use of custom labels has made advertising much easier and economical as well. Moreover the printed labels being produced today are so well designed that they have a longer period of life than any other advertising material, and can remain attached for more than five years.