The use of silica powder

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The silica powder is an important raw material for the production of polysilicon. Silica powder reacts with anhydrous hydrogen chloride in a fluidized bed reactor. It generates trichlorosilane.

After further purification of SiHCl3,Guest Posting it is restored and deposited to polysilicon in hydrogen. Polysilicon is the main raw material for solar cells of photovoltaic industry. In recent years, with sustained tension of global energy, it makes developing solar energy became the focus of world's energy strategy. And with the mounting of photovoltaic industry, prices of raw materials polysilicon have rapid growth. It also promotes market demand of polysilicon. There is a short supply of silica powder. So the metal powder supplier enjoys the outrageous profits.

Production capacity of silica powder is about 250,000 tons in China. They are mainly silica powder. The high purity and ultrafine silica powder rely heavily on imports. China's demand for ultra-fine silica powder will reach 60,000 tons in 2012. Among them, the rubber industry is the largest user, the coatings industry is important to have great potential applications, electronic molding compounds, silicon-based board materials and electrical and electronic castable to rely on imports of high purity and ultrafine silica powder raw materials, only the price of the ordinary spherical silica powder -3 RMB/ton, while the price of high purity and ultrafine silica powder is as high as several hundred thousand dollars / ton.

Silica powder is processed from pure quartz powder by advanced ultra-fine grinding process, is extremely versatile inorganic non-metallic materials are widely used in optical glass, electronic packaging, electrical insulation, high-grade ceramic, paint and coatings, precision casting silicone rubber, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronic components, and ultra LSI, mobile communications, portable computers, aerospace and other areas of production. The microsilica is still an important raw materials for production of polysilicon.

Ultrafine silica powder has a small size, large surface area and high chemical purity, and good dispersion properties. Its superior stability, reinforcement, thickening and thixotropic, rubber, paint, pharmaceutical, paper, and so many other areas of widely used, and its related industries, the development of new materials base and technology to ensure the enjoyment of the origin of the reputation of the monosodium glutamate industry, materials science. Since its inception, has become the most able to adapt to the times and the fastest-growing varieties, one of today's time of materials science.

The developed countries have made fine inorganic materials with high performance, high added value as the focus in development of new materials in the new century

In recent years, markets of computer, network IT and the CPU sets are getting bigger and bigger. The computing speed becomes faster. And there are more and more home computers and Internet users, computer and network technology is also growing as technical support in the microelectronics industry obtained the rapid development of the P III, P IV processor, broadband high-capacity transmission network, are inseparable from support of large-scale, ultra-large scale integrated circuit hardware.

With the rapid development of microelectronics industry, requirements for large-scale and ultra LSI packaging materials are getting higher and higher. The markets not only require superfine silicon powder. The requirements are also about high purity and low radioactive element content. There is a spherical requirement especially for particle shape. Because of its high dielectric constant, high heat, high humidity, high filler content, low thermal expansion, low stress, low impurities, low coefficient friction and other superior performances, high purity ultrafine molten spherical quartz powder has become an indispensable materials in substrate and encapsulation compound of LSI.Source:

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