There are no uniform standards for recycling shopping bags

Feb 9


David Yvon

David Yvon

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After the implementation of plastic limit, traditional rope strapping appears in markets again. Even the food baskets are also reabsorbed into our lives again. But it is obviously that the lightweight, stylish, functional and recycling bag is much favored by consumers.


Homemade shopping bags,There are no uniform standards for recycling shopping bags Articles woven bags, non woven bags and nylon fabric bag begin to step into the markets. These glamorous bags on the market have some ignored quality problems which should not be ignored.

All kinds of reusable shopping bags is a gradual replacement of ordinary disposable plastic bags have become a new shopping fashion. Assortment of all kinds of bags, not only consumers pick dazzled, operators do not know the many styles of bags on the quality and specification, there is no relevant provisions. Many consumers in the purchase of bags only focus on style or price, and quality of the bags and the materials used are ignorant. Now China has not specifications and standards of environmentally friendly shopping bags to make appropriate provisions, I have not received notice of the policy. China has promulgated the plastic limit only provisions shall not be free use of plastic shopping bags less than 0.025 mm in thickness, but did not make all kinds of reusable shopping bags to replace plastic shopping bags required by these Rules. Supermarket on the purchase of reusable shopping bags full consideration to the eco-friendly reusable shopping bags. In the bags size, thickness, load-bearing, guide and support the ease of on a rigorous screening, thus ensuring that the shelves of bags are quality assured.

Many consumers purchase these bags mainly focus on its style and price, and bags of some external conditions, such as material, size, bearing the weight rarely do understand. According to the staff of the supermarket, large bags of supermarket sales origin, mostly from the manufacturers of Guangzhou, Shanghai and other provinces. Consumer demand for the bags on the market a lot of shopping bags not marked with the manufacturer, place of origin labels, the rough production of these shopping bags, the quality of people questioned.

People can often get a variety of non-woven rept bags provided by businessmen. After several times’ washing, the bags begin to have the quality problems. The thicker bags can be used several times, the thinner non-woven bags can not be use more than three times. Many bags manufacturer are vague on the bag’s life. They are not very clear about the life time of the bags. Because the bags are becoming more and more popular, many businesses print ads on bag’s body. Companies and research units require printing the company name or advertising slogan on the top. Some directly list the operation and types of business on both sides of the bags. There are an increasing number of products that can replace plastic shopping bags. Now the most popular behavior is not carrying a basket, but using a wide variety of fashionable and beautiful recycled shopping bags. Regardless of whether the bags are homemade, or bought in shops, what the consumer really cares about is the durable and repeatedly use.Source: