Top 5 Cranes Rental Provider in Dubai

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Here we have listed some of the top crane rental providers in Dubai, UAE.

The general transport industry does play a crucial role in the progress of any nation which is looking forward to growing at a faster rate. In UAE,Guest Posting the crane services do occupy a considerable role which helps other industry to prosper. If you ever happen to the UAE, you will feel the significance and requirement of crane rental service providers in the country. Cranes are designed to reduce the workload of the labour as it can lift heavy weights without any stress and to greater heights. They find application in various industries, and since these industries do not want to invest in buying one, they opt for rental services.

Rental Providers in Dubai are committed to smoothen the process of their clients and ensures customer satisfaction at all steps.

List of Crane Rental Providers in Dubai

Here is a list of top 5 cranes rental providers in Dubai listed on ATNInfo which can be trusted on due to their quality services:


  1. Safest Lift Handling Loading & Lifting Equipment Rental LLC
    The company is a leading crane rental provider based in Dubai, UAE. It provides reliable and safe services of the crane in the Gulf regions. The company’s working model is a ‘Social Enterprise Model’, which emphasizes on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) & fair and social business practices. The company has a diverse collection of lifting equipment’s which help in serving the clients. The material used by the company has been given safety standard certificates.

    Company’s main office is located in AI Quoz Industrial area, Dubai. The best part is that the office is centrally located which helps in serving clients from Dubai, Northern Emirates and Abu Dhabi etc. The company now is aiming to be the UAE’S premium crane rental company by providing quality services to the clients.
  1. Abu Faisal Machinery & Cranes
    Abu Faisal Machinery is committed to providing well-designed and maintained cranes to their clients. They have a wide variety of cranes which can accommodate the requirements of different clients. They have a complete team of customer support who can help you in case of any repair or breakdown of the machinery.

  2. Abu Nasir General Transport Establishment
    Mr Ahmed Nasir Neaimi established the company. The parent company of Abu Nasir General Transport is Abu Nasir General Transport Est. It has become a pioneer in the category of HTI (Heavy Transport Industry). The company specializes in Hydraulic Cranes 25 – 500 Ton, Small and medium trucks, Medium forklifts which has a capacity of 3 – 15 Ton, Low and flatbed trailers, light transport vehicles, tankers (Diesel), water tankers, moving equipment’s. The company has a robust Quality Management System and thus certified with 9001: 2008a and acts as a quality standard for operations related to heavy transportation and equipment’s. The company is also accredited with ISO 14001: 2004, which is a certificate to signify environmental safety standards.

  3. Al Ahsan Technology Company LLC
    Al Ahsan Technology Company is known to be a sister company of Breakthrough Establishment, which was founded in 1991. The company primarily deals with erection, maintenance and dismantling of machinery like Cranes (Towers), Passenger Lifts, Glass cradles, Static Pumps, Generators, Construction machines, Concrete booms, etc. The company also provides its extensive services to several construction companies such as Aram Building Contracting Co., Mzoon Building Contracting Co, Construction & Re-Construction Co (Dubai), Kavery Building Contracting Co., 3 Star Cont. Co. etc. The company has experienced and skilled individuals who have years of working experience in the same domain. Since its inception, the company has expanded and spread its hands on the crane business. It has been providing exceptional services to its esteemed clients all over the UAE.

  4. Al Faris Equipment Rentals LLC
    The company has over 27 years of experience, which has helped the company to position itself as the leading massive equipment crane rental company which belong to the MENA Region. The company has cranes and heavy machines which are very well equipped with handling heavy lifting, transportation, and meets all the energy requirements. The company since years has been providing its clients with premium crane rental services of major industries such as oil & gas, construction, marine, manufacturing, Petrochemical etc.

    The company has spread its hands all over to provide services such as heavy lifting, energy solutions, Alternate lifting methods, heavy transportation etc.

Hence, if you are looking for a crane rental service provider, then the companies mentioned above are the best fit.

ATNInfo provides complete information about the companies who deal in rental service of the cranes. They curate different companies so that they can provide comprehensive information to their visitors who visit their directory to search contact details of the required companies.

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