Top 5 Refurbished Electronics for Your Business

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As a business owner – or,Guest Posting a soon-to-be business owner – you’re probably well versed in how important it is to save money. You don’t want to skimp on quality or cut corners where it’s important, but you do want to spend your money wisely and get the most value for what you do spend.

Purchasing refurbished electronics for your business is one solution to saving money and getting quality items. Refurbished electronics distributors carry items that have been returned to the manufacturer – usually because the customer changed his mind or found a slight flaw with the items functions – and are inspected and repaired before being approved for resale. Because the manufacturers can’t resell these items at “brand new” prices, they sell them as refurbished at significantly less expensive prices. Businesses that purchase refurbished electronics get quality items for a fraction of the original cost!

1. Refurbished Computers

These days, most every kind of businesses – no matter how big or small – uses computers. While it’s easy to find fairly inexpensive computers and laptops, these models tend to work better for personal uses. It’s the pricier models that tend to feature the kinds of functions many businesses require.

Businesses can save money on these higher-end computers and laptops when they purchase them refurbished.

2. Refurbished Printers

Like computers and laptops, it’s fairly easy to find brand new printers that are affordable; however, also like computers and laptops, these inexpensive models are generally meant for personal use, such as in the home or dorm room. Most businesses need sturdier, faster-performing printers; so, inexpensive refurbished computers are especially beneficial for large, fast-paced businesses that frequently need to print materials using business-grade machines.

3. Refurbished Copy Machines

These days, most people are trying to be as green as possible. Businesses can help out by cutting down on the amount of paper they use. However, just like with printing materials, sometimes it’s necessary to make copies of materials. Business-grade copy machines are some of the most expensive pieces of office equipment businesses can purchase, so it’s wise to check out refurbished copy machines first.

4. Refurbished Fax Machines

If your business still uses fax machines instead of some of the faster and greener alternatives out there (such as e-mail and e-fax), consider purchasing refurbished fax machines to save your business money.

5. Refurbished Telecom Systems

Refurbished telecom systems can include everything from telephones to cards.

When you’re talking with a telecom systems distributor, think about the kinds of features that would best suit your business or personal needs. For example, how many phones does your business need? Do you need a multi-line telephone, or is a single-line telephone sufficient? Do you need digital line cards or analog line cards? Also think about the kinds of functions you’d like your telecom system to offer, such as options for holding, muting, and transferring calls as well as recording messages.

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