Would Your Business Benefit from Refurbished Telecom Equipment?

Aug 10


Denton Darnutzer

Denton Darnutzer

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Many businesses are always on the look out for ways they can save money. Fortunately, “saving money” doesn’t have to mean going without the crucial eq...

Many businesses are always on the look out for ways they can save money. Fortunately,Would Your Business Benefit from Refurbished Telecom Equipment? Articles “saving money” doesn’t have to mean going without the crucial equipment your business needs to run smoothly and efficiently. Saving money can include taking steps like making the simple decision to purchase quality refurbished telecom equipment.

Simply put, as long as your business has a need for telephones and telephone accessories like digital line cards or analog line cards, your business can benefit from refurbished telecom equipment. These refurbished phone systems work great for businesses with multiple employees who need multi-line phones, businesses that want to save money, and businesses that genuinely understand the value of refurbished electronics.

Your Business Has Several Employees

Refurbished telecom equipment, like the popular used Nortel phone systems, is especially beneficial for end customers such as businesses that have multiple employees who regularly use multi-line telephones and need features like:
  • Built-in hands-free capability
  • Context-sensitive soft keys
  • Multi-segment icons
Refurbished phone systems don’t offer any less quality or options than brand new phone systems – you just have to know how to shop for what you need, just as you would when shopping for any other item for your business.

You Want to Help Your Business Save Money

These days, it’d be more difficult to find a business that doesn’t want to save money than one that does!

Because refurbished telecom equipment is refurbished, businesses are able to get the equipment at much lower prices than they would if the telecom equipment was brand new. (If you’re not sure what “refurbished” means, see “You Understand What Refurbished Means,” below.)

Another way to save money with refurbished telecom equipment is to purchase the equipment at wholesale prices. Generally, when you purchase refurbished electronics such as telecom equipment at wholesale prices, you’re going to get more bang for your buck.

You Understand What Refurbished Means

Many people are nervous about any electronics that have the word “refurbished” tacked on to them, and this is mostly because many people don’t fully understand what it means if an electronic is refurbished.

In a nutshell, when an electronic is refurbished, such as refurbished telecom equipment, it simply means that after a customer bought the item and returned it for some reason, the manufacturer inspected it, made any necessary repairs, and put it back on the market. Before they became refurbished, electronics were generally returned either because:
  • The customer changed his or her mind. This might have been due to price, the color, or deciding he or she wanted a different model.
  • The customer found a minor problem with the way the electronic functioned.
Because there is usually no problem or a just minor problem with the electronic when the customer returns it, the manufacturer inspects it and makes any repairs and then sends it back the market at a much lower cost than if the item were new. Buying refurbished electronics, like refurbished telecom equipment, helps businesses acquire quality equipment at affordable prices.