Top Chemical Product Suppliers and Distributors in UAE

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We have listed all the top suppliers and distributors of chemical products in Dubai, UAE.

The chemical industry includes companies that are involved with producing chemicals that are required for industrial use. Many thousands of chemical products are made by converting raw materials like metals,Guest Posting minerals, oil, etc. Chemical suppliers stock, and supply chemicals and chemical products to sectors such as pharmaceutical, agriculture, textiles, construction, and printing. The chemical products are of various types, such as dyes, cleaning materials, laboratory chemicals, and plastics. The professionals who work in these companies include engineers, scientists, lab technicians, etc.   

In Dubai, there are many world-class chemical suppliers and distributors who supply the chemical requirements of various industries there. These companies are all well-known for their excellent customer service and superior quality products. They deliver their products on time and provide 24x7 customer service with the help of their skilled and experienced staff. 

5 Chemical Product Suppliers and Distributors in UAE

To help you to meet your chemical requirements, we have made a list of the top chemical product suppliers and Distributors in the UAE:-

  1. Al Mas Cleaning Materials Trading LLC
    Al-Mas, located in Sharjah, is a reputed trading company mainly dealing with cleaning materials, and it supplies to leading hotels, healthcare operators, catering services, schools, universities, etc. The company also provides solutions to the cleaning and hygiene requirements of the customers and also offers them excellent service. Their reputed brands ‘Amal Plus’ and ‘Relax’ are very popular with clients, and they also deal with other brands like Mas Fresh, Mas Touch, Hygiene Fresh, Diamond, Dettol, etc. 
  2. Al Nasseriah International Trading LLC
    Al Nasseriah International Trading LLC., established in 2003, is a leading chemical supplier based in the UAE, which considers its customers as business partners, and helps them to achieve their goals of high quality and optimum production. The company’s team of engineers has got vast years of experience behind them. It has dealings with many reputed firms in the system and chemical industries like DUPONT, LG, SCOTMAS, etc. It provides round the clock service to answer the various queries of its customers along with their chemical requirements.   

  3. Navitas Chemical
    Navitas chemical is a well-known company that provides chemical companies with regional manufacturing capabilities in the Middle East and neighboring regions. The company takes care to control the quality at every stage of the production to the logistics process. They are certified with ISO:9001:2015, and ISO:14001:2015. They provide excellent quality products and consistently good service to their customers. They are deeply committed to the safety and well-being of their employees and the environment.

  4. A & A International Group Corporation
    A & A International Group Corporation, situated in the UAE, is a leading trader in non-ferrous metals, chemical raw materials, and other products. The company is well-known for providing its customers with excellent service and high-quality products. Its experienced team takes into consideration all the requirements of the customers and sees that they keep their promises and deliver products on time.  

  5. Aalmir Plastic Industries
    Aalmir Plastic Industries, established in 1988, is one of the top Polymer application development companies in the UAE. It has a vast experience in supplying plastic manufacturing needs and chemicals to various companies in the UAE. Its services cover more than 35 companies, and so far, it has finished more than 3000 projects. The company produces injection molded parts for several requirements, and their experience combined with machine tonnage between 60 to 1200 tons permits them to meet most needs with ease. Their new automation department, which specializes in EOAT design and robot customization, has helped them to improve the quality of their components and also to increase their customization ability.

The above list of the best chemical supplying and distributing firms has been carefully selected to provide you with the best options for procuring all your chemical requirements. These companies will help to meet your goals of achieving maximum productivity, and at the same time, increase profits by cutting costs. 

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