Transformation of Hill Station Real Estate beyond Sky

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When every segment of an Industry is getting specialized, why niche market of real estate can’t be specialized? Real estate in hill stations is niche market comparing to the market size of real estate in plains and cities. It is unique in many ways, be it terms, norms or property category and one of the toughest segment in real estate. Hills & Wills pioneered in identifying this scenario and transforming the hill station real estate to at par level through its innovative online real estate solution exclusively for hill stations.

In real estate at plains whether it is urban or rural,Guest Posting the buyers may or may not be in the same locality but the probability of them being in remote location is very less. But in the hill station real estate, buyers are mostly located far away from the hills.

This is due to the reason that the hill station real estate is purely depending on the second home buyers from cities in plains for the purpose of summer home, vacation home, social status, stress buster home, retirement home or buyers from cities for investment in hills. The segment of local buyers from the same hill station nativity is almost negligible.

This makes the real estate in hill station tougher than at plains. Traditionally, the hill property owners were solely dependent and engaged the local real estate agency or agents to sell property in hills and they had limitation in reaching out to the buyers in cities and plains. Hence there was a difficulty in liquidating the hill station properties when there was urgency for the owners and it became the bottle neck for the investors to invest in hill stations. That’s how hill station real estate was confined as a niche market for centuries.

The property portals and online sources in the last 10 years made few tasks of the hill property selling process easier and the real estate in hills started to grow and made a remarkable impact on the traditional business of local real estate agencies and agents in hill stations.

But these online property portals are not without deficiency. Some of the major setbacks are

  1. They have been basically designed for the major real estate market in plains and not for the niche market in hill stations. Hence they do not have features to specify the hill station properties preciously or professionally and display it appealingly.
  2. They have been assisting the hill property sellers only in getting the buyer leads whereas the sellers located far away from the hill stations expect extended services like site visit assistance and local coordination to close the deal which they were enjoying earlier through traditional mechanism of going through local real estate agency or agent in hills.
  3. They have been collecting the marketing fee or listing fee up front from the sellers to post property online irrespective of the sale of property.
  4. They allow post property free but for a very short duration of no use.

Understanding these difficulties faced by hill property sellers, Hills & Wills launched a navel online real estate platform specially and exclusively designed for hill station real estate market – First of its kind in India wherein the sellers have got liberty to specify their hill property preciously about the altitude, climate, terrain, plantation, etc and display it impressively than in the traditional online property portals which means more buyer attractions, quick sale and best price when listed in Hills & Wills.  

It also extends support from listing the property online till scheduling the registration of the property under unique Ad plans and became a boon to the hill property sellers especially who are located remote from hills. Introduced a ground-breaking pay upon sale kind of advertisement plans to sell property in hill stations and extended validity for the ‘Free listing plans’ for the first time in the history of online property portals.

This is an absolute transformation and new dimension of hill station real estate. All the puzzles like How to sell property in hills? Where to advertise hill property to get fair price and quick sale? are resolved and now buy or sell property in hill station is much easier than at plains with Hills & Wills.

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