True Wholesale China Suppliers: Finding One To Fuel Your Reseller Business

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Finding true wholesale China suppliers to fuel your reseller business is tricky, but it can be done and in factice being done by thousands of people every day - with Chinavasion. Learn more about this here .. . .

If you have been thinking about walking away from a low paying job with a grouchy boss and backbiting coworkers,Guest Posting then finding true [link=http://Www.Chinavasion.Com/]China wholesale[/link] suppliers to fuel your dreamed of reseller business is a step you should take immediately!

There is a world of opportunity awaiting anyone who wants to make a grab for the brass ring on the global marketplace of the internet. Buying wholesale goods from China and reselling them for great profits isn't just a pipe dream. It's a very real enterprise and thousands of people just like you are making a great income with a lifestyle far exceeding anything they had while working for somebody else.

The trick is to find a real, genuine wholesale supplier from China with low prices and high quality products. This wholesale product source must be optimized to serve smaller resellers or new entrepreneurs just getting started in the world of ecommerce.

You'll find plenty who advertise and describe themselves as "wholesale" product sources, but the grim reality is that very few of them really are what they claim to be.

There are a number of pitfalls associated with these phony wholesalers. Some of the hazards of doing business with them include:

    They are too small an operation to have a stable inventory, which could cause you immeasurable grief with irate customers if you oversell and then have to cancel orders and refund payments. People generally tend to get pretty angry about this and if you're selling on eBay and/or Amazon, the bad feedback they're likely to leave for you can cook your goose fast. Rack up enough negative feedback because you have sold products that aren't in stock from your product source---and your career as an eBay or Amazon seller is over.

    Many of these so-called wholesale product sources from China are shady outfits running a business by the seat of their pants and don't have enough staff to dispatch orders quickly and efficiently. So, your customers have an inordinately long wait to receive their product and when it finally does arrive, the packaging was so flimsy and insecure that the goods were damaged or smashed to smithereens in transit. Again, not the way to win friends and influence people, but definitely the way to deal with a lot of furious customers demanding their money back.

    This brings us to yet another problem: Many of these little penny ante businesses have no kind of guarantee to back up lost packages or damaged goods. Guess who's stuck having to refund all of the money? Yep, that's right. You.

Now, maybe you've heard that it's better to cut out the middle man and just buy directly from a manufacturer in China.

Heads up! This is risky business!

Unless you pan to physically travel to China and check out the manufacturer, you're a sitting duck for every scam artist and flimflam operator on the internet. Remember, when you're doing business online it's a virtual world that may only exist in the imagination of the alleged manufacturer who is supposedly going to give you these racehorse deals on wholesale, brand name products.

In reality, many people have been taken for untold amounts of money from unscrupulous crooks whose "factory"consists of a website and nothing more.

You have no way of knowing who you're really doing business with and anybody can plaster fake contact information such as an address on a web page. If you aren't in China, you have no way of knowing it isn't authentic.

So what happens in many cases? People spend their hard earned money buying inventory that doesn't exist from a manufacturer that is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

You can make a fantastic income by reselling true wholesale products from China. But play it smart and stick with an established, reputable business such as Chinavasion that has your products on the shelf and ready to ship right away, with thousands of satisfied customers and true wholesale prices!

It's much easy to get fooled by some net scam which claims to have a huge, wholesale business in China. Instead of risking it, stick with an established product source like Chinavasion, which offers true [link=http://Www.Chinavasion.Com/]China wholesale[/link] prices to even small resellers!
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