TV Chefs to Look Up To

Feb 13


Richard Nick

Richard Nick

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TV and food have become, it seems, increasingly one. Every time we turn on the television we see rows, upon rows of sumptuous foods layering the screen. In the year of 2011 the TV chef is the king. So, who are our top five favourites?

Heston BlumenthalWith a slightly off centre name,TV Chefs to Look Up To Articles Heston has become well known domestically, mainly for his mad cap cooking antics. Heston's ability to mix food and science to dramatic effect has seen the sales of dry ice fly through the roof.The now Waitrose mascots food genius is seen on numerous TV schedules, with Channel 4 a favourite where he can show off his creations. From Willy Wonka like chocolate fountains ,to teaching the rest of us how to create the juiciest of steaks, Heston is king.His Fat Duck restaurant is considered among the best in the world and celebrities and others come from all over the world to try his gastronomic wonders, whether they are melting cartoon toadstools, or a chocolate orange looking orange duck main course with a meaty centre.Though, you may never be able to cook like Mr Blumenthal - London Groupon cookery deals can get you somewhat of the way there.Delia SmithOf course Delia has been in the whole TV cookery game longer than all of the rest of these scamps combined. Her ability to create some of the most tasty and simple foods is well renowned. The homely set of Delia and her recipe books which litter kitchens across the UK make her nearly an institution.Though, Delia doesn't have the gimmicks of some of the others, she is fundamental to TV chefdom. Unlike Heston, here Waitrose pal, she doesn't have the mad scientist approach and unlike Nigella Lawson, she lacks the sex appeal, though that's personal opinion. This means Delia has something more to stay in the mainstream - a rock solid base and amazing ability to make people feel good about their cooking.Nigella LawsonMarried to Charles Saatchi, Nigella is the face of sumptuous food and plenty of licking of lips. That is not to say however, that her food is poorly. Nigella is an amazing cook and can really rustle together those calorific delights should you require them.Her numerous stints as a TV chef are met with huge viewing rates and her assets in and out of the kitchen have garnered a new love from men who never and still don't even considered boiling an egg let alone taking a low cost cookery course, often available on London daily deals.Jamie OliverWhere would we be on such a list without Jamie? Having come onto our screens more than a decade ago, Jamie Oliver has taken the world by storm.Changing the British system of school dinners and also Americas, Jamie has strutted his stuff on screen by showing people how to create magnificent meals in 30 minutes, simple food from leftovers in the kitchen and has impassioned many to start cooking.Jamie also owns a number of affordable and excellent eateries smattered throughout the UK. These offer people tasty foods of all types, created by the naked chef.Gordon RamsayWe could start with a profanity but we won't. Saying that, Gordon's abilities are often overshadowed by his swearing and short temper. However, his brilliance in the kitchen can still not be undisputed (his swearing even less so).With a number of excellent TV shows in the UK and US, Ramsay has really created an international name for himself. His high quality approach, low tolerance for silliness and general not suffering fools gladly attitude has seen him thrive in the world of cookery and also TV.Group buying deals can offer you the food classes to purchase cooking and baking classes allowing you to get the ins and outs of the culinary world. Something no amount of watching these folks on TV will teach you.

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