Twines - An accessory which gives boost to fishing industry

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Fishing is a huge industry especially in the areas near the sea. Coastal areas are very rich in fish and the population that stays there is heavily dependent on the sea for a number of things. Fish provide them with food, livelihood as well as recreation. The profession of several coastal dwellers is fishing.

Fishing is also a great recreational activity. It is a sport that teaches a lot of things. It teaches a person patience and meticulousness. Fishing makes one concentrate for hours on an activity and this helps one concentrate better and keep his mid focused for longer and with better effect.

Fishing is also known to have meditative effects. It is a great experience to have and several people prefer to teach this to their kids to teach them the power and goodness of patience.

One way to fish is to use a whole fishing net and trap the fish. Other ways include recreational fishing where fishing is done with the help of a fishing rod. The commercial fisheries usually use large and high-quality nets to do fishing on a large scale. Fishing commercially is a very lucrative business but it also has a lot of downsides and risks involved.

Risks Involved

One of the biggest risks that fishermen face is damaging the fishing net. The fishing net is a delicate material that has to withstand very strong sea waves and also has to stay strong during storms and all kinds of extreme weather conditions. So,Guest Posting it is not uncommon for the fishing nets to get damaged while fishing and then the fishermen are required to repair the nets in order to make sure that the damage does not affect their business.


Twines are a useful accessory for anyone in the fishing industry. It is a kind of wire or cable that is very strong and it comes in very handy for the fishermen in a number of ways. Twines are mainly used for mending fishing nets. If a fishing net gets damaged or tears off somewhere in the middle, it is very necessary that the tear is fixed so that the gap does not tug and cause further damage to the entire net.

Twines are use for the purpose pf mending the fishing net as the twine can be twisted and woven in any way required. The twine can be woven as per the shape of the fishing net and this way the gaps and tears of the net can be repaired. Those wo do fishing occasionally and not regularly are more likely to use these as using a twine to fix a fishing net is an inexpensive and easy way to mend a fishing net.  

Also, a lot of handmade nets are used in small-scale fishing areas. These handmade nets are usually made of twines and these can be made easily only with the presence of a good and high-quality twine.

Twines can also be used for COD ends. These are the ends of the cods where are used for fishing purposes. 

Twines are very useful assets to have in the fishing industries and are very reliable as menders of the nets and so on.

 Some qualities that you may want to look for in a good quality Twine are as follows:

  1. Quality: Twins must be of high quality as they are going to be subjected to the same kind of weather vagaries and harsh weather conditions like the fishing nets. Therefore, the twines also need to be strong enough to withstand all sorts of harsh weathers. The quality of the fishing output also heavily depends upon the fishing materials used.
  2. Durable: A good quality Twine must also be durable and long lasting. As the net is going to me mended and interwoven with twines, the twine is going to be a major part of the fishing line. So, it is not feasible or possible to change the twine part over and over again. This is why the twine needs to be durable enough for long wear and should be able to resist wear and tear.
  3. Uniform Quality: The quality of the twine should be uniform and high quality in nature.
  4. Uniform diameter: The twine is basically a cord that has a diameter. the diameter of a goo quality twine should be uniform all over the cord. This is extremely important as this defines the overall quality of the twine.
  5. better strength to weight ratio: The twine should have a good strength to weight ratio as this helps make the twine sturdy and keeps the quality of the twine high. So, it is better to have an ideal strength to weight ratio.
  6. Soft and Smooth Feel: As a twine is an accessory that may be used by several people for several purposes, it is necessary that the twine is soft and smooth in feel. As many small-scale fishermen may use the twine for handmade nets, if the twine is harsh and rugged in nature, it may cut through the hands of the holder. If this happens then the purpose of the twine fails and it ceases to be good and desirable.
  7. Easy to use and customize-able: The twine should be easy to use and should be customizable as per the requirement of the user. The net along with the twine should be such that it can be customised as per the requirement of the fishermen. The size and shape and the nature of the twine should be changeable and the twine manufacturer should be open to new ideas and new shapes as per the requirements.


Finally, a good twine should have all of the above qualities as it is to be used by many people and it should also be long lasting and durable in all aspects.

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