Best Carpet Repair Method for Worn/Torn Portion

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It's not so easy to tear new carpeting, but if your carpets are getting on in years, it's much easier for this to happen. Should this happen to you don't fret. Whether you know it or not you can fix that tear yourself. All you need is a needle and thread to repair that tear for good.

You don't have to know anything at all about carpeting to repair certain problems,Guest Posting like holes or tears. Most people don't know they can fix many carpet damages themselves.

If you have a dog you might have had a bad experience where he or she has dug a hole in the rug. Some dogs dig at carpeting, and if you don't spot them when they're doing it, it could spell disaster. A small hole in the carpeting is very easy to fix even if the hole is all the way down to the rug backing. Simply get some glue and scissors and you're ready to repair!

Snip some carpet fibers from corners, up next to baseboards, or other discreet areas. Partially fill the hole with ordinary white glue or even use spray adhesive. Press the fibers down into the hole creating layer if needed. If the hole is deep put in some glue and fibers, and after it has dried, repeat that step until the hole is filled. Allow at least 48 hours before vacuuming or shampooing.

You may also use needle to do some sewing job for the torn part.

A curved needle is best for a carpet repair job, but if you don't have one, a strong straight needle can still do the trick. You can get curved or straight needles that will work well for this job by visiting an upholstery shop nearby. They'll often have a selection of needle for sale that will hold up better than an ordinary sewing needle when it comes to carpet repair. Although the special needle may cost a few bucks that's reasonable considering the price of having a professional fix the damaged carpeting.

Nylon thread is most appropriate for any carpet or rug. Cotton threads can dry rot over time especially with repeated carpet shampooing. Also, nylon thread is clear, so there's no issue about trying to match thread color to carpet color. Nylon thread is much stronger than cotton types so it will not break while you're trying to stitch the tear. If you don't have any nylon thread cotton thread will work okay. Or, get in the tackle box and get out some fishing twine. If you have an upholstery needle the fishing twine will work great. The twine is too large in diameter, though, for ordinary needles.

Thread the needle and tie a knot in the end. There is no needle to double the thread if you're using nylon or fishing twine. If you're using cotton thread it's necessary to double the thread before tying the knot. Start by pushing the needle up through the carpet, from bottom to top, next to the end of the tear. Go over to the opposite side and push the needle, from top to bottom, through the carpet. Keep the thread close to the edge - but not too close.Continue going from one side of the tear to the other, now going through the top of one side, through the bottom of the other side. Continue this until you have completely sewn the tear. As you're sewing pull the thread taut. Don't pull it so tight, though, that the torn area begins to pucker. To tie off the end push the needle through the carpet one last time, then start to pull the thread through. Stop and pass the needle through the loop of the thread, then continue pulling the thread through. Repeat this step, but this time, push the needle through the loop of the thread twice, then pull the thread on through. Snip the thread close to the final knot.

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