What can a virtual assistant coach do for you? Everything!

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Virtual assistant coaching is the best thing you can do for your VA business. Get more clients, price your VA services better, and just have a friend help you succeed.  Here's why you need a VA coach.

Does it always seem that someone else is more successful than you in their virtual assistant business?  I know sometimes it’s hard to hear about all those virtual assistants with too many clients,Guest Posting or those virtual assistants all making six figures when you are barely surviving.  Don’t you always wonder just what they are doing to make it happen?

Well, wonder no more.  You need to know that there truly are some secrets to success.  There are things that when you do them consistently and do them well, business success is sure to follow.  The problem is, how can you get those secrets?  Easy - Hire a virtual assistant coach. 

I truly believe to be successful in your virtual assistant business, sometimes you need help.  Imagine meeting weekly with a coach that has been already been there and done that.  A coach that can review your media, offer recommendations, provide solid tips on what you need to do better, and just walk you through the ups and downs of running a business.

So what exactly can a virtual assistant coach do?  Here are our top 10 things we feel a VA Coach can do for you:

1- A virtual assistant coach will help you establish your goals and find ways to meet them.

2- A virtual assistant coach will help you define your niche and make sure that the marketing you do leads you in that direction.

3- A virtual assistant coach can help you in all your marketing efforts to enable you to find clients.  That’s right, a good virtual assistant coach will help you secure clients and isn’t that the name of the game.

4- A virtual assistant coach will review your pricing and offer recommendations.  It should be noted this is one area where more times than not, the coach will insist on increasing your rates. That same coach will also show you how to do that, raise your rates and really charge what you are worth.

5- A virtual assistant coach can hold you accountable.  Many virtual assistants don’t succeed just because they don’t have someone to personally walk with them and push them when needed.

6- A virtual assistant coach can review all your media including your website, media, blogs, etc.

7- A virtual assistant coach can help you discover what is holding you back from being successful and offer you solid tips on moving forward.

8- A virtual assistant coach can help you at any phrase of your business.  Don’t think a coach is just for starting your business.  A VA coach can help you even if you’ve been in business for years.  They can take you to the next level of your business.

9- A virtual assistant coach can remotivate you and get you back into the thrill of being a virtual assistant.

10- A virtual assistant coach can help you focus and crack the whip when you go off track.

When you’re ready to really start seeing some results in your VA business, we recommend looking for a coach.  Just make sure that it’s someone with an outstanding reputation and one that is active in the VA community. That way you know they are walking the walk and talking the talk.

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