What can the world of chikankari offer to modern fashionistas

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Have you ever worn a Lucknowi Chikankari Dupatta? If not then it’s something you should try. Why? Well, there are many things which make clothing items of this embroidery a wardrobe must-have. This article gives you a better insight about the same.

Do you know what is special about chikankari? It is such a technique which is considered to be a part of our culture and heritage. However,Guest Posting do you know that it also has a side which boasts of western patrons? Yes, this is a kind of clothing design which is exceptionally special. And, not to forget, be it Lucknowi Chikankari Dupatta or something else, they are absolutely gorgeous and elevate your overall look instantly. If you have never had a chinkankari outfit, then there’s a lot you are missing on. This article is an attempt to tell you more about what you are missing.

Before knowing more about Georgette Chikankari Dupatta or any other type, let us take you through the tale which details the story of origin of this beautiful design form. As you may know, this is a type which originated in Lucknow, India. This is an embroidery technique which has its roots in the Mughal era. It won’t be wrong to say that this is a art form which we are lucky to transform in an fashionable wear. Delicate and subtle, the mention if this type goes back long – as much as 3rd Century BC. At that point, they were designed as “flowered muslins”.

Like most of the old art forms, the motifs of this embroidery form mostly draw its inspirations from nature. If we talk about the most common styles of embroidery then they are flowers and leaves. At times there are variations in the designs but not too much deviation from the nature.

When we talk about the kinds then there are many different types of chikankari embroideries. One of them is ‘hool’ (eyelet stitch), Jaali work and Banarasi style. However, if you have to choose the most popularly loved ones then it’s definitely is the ‘Bakhiya’ or shadow work.

Now, are you wondering what this kind of work is? The shadow work involves using three stitching types - back-stitch, chain stitch and the running stitch. In this kind, the white motifs are formed on a translucent fabric. It helps in creating a shadow effect. This is such a work which plays a big role in design if the modern chikankari too.

Woven in history, tradition and cultural evolution, this is a kind of embroidery stitch which is absolutely soul-pleasing because of its beauty.

There are various clothing items which are available with this kind of work. Further, the kinds of materials used are also varied.

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