The World Of Lucknowi Chikankari The Pride Of Lucknow

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Be it a saree made of Chikankari or a dupatta, this material adds on a regal look to any form of clothing item. The article takes a deeper look into the world of this craft.

Chikankari,Guest Posting depicted as the pride of Lucknow, is said to be started by Mughal Emperor Jahangir’s wife Nur Jahan. It’s such a famous craft which is worn by people all across the country – and many places around the world too. Be it some dress or Lucknowi Chikankari Dupatta this is a type of designing which is a wardrobe must have.

The embroidery pattern in this type is done using a thick white cotton thread on soft pastel colors. Filled with history, this craft is a classic heart warmer for anyone.

How are these embroidery patterns formed? The design is first drawn on the fabric on which this embroidery will be done. Then a small frame is used to set the fabric. It’s after that artisans use needles to trace the printed patterns using ink. Eventually, the stitch is done using thread and different size of motif. Finally, the ink lines are soaked in water and removed. Then, the fabric is starched to get the right stiffness.

Not just Georgette Chikankari Dupatta, this designing is done on other kinds of fabrics too.

So, what types of dresses are made using this design? Let’s take a look:

Iconic sarees

It’s the sheer elegance and grace that compliments Chikankari sarees. Perfect for reception and other kinds of parties, this ethnic wear is totally worth wearing.

Graceful suits

The exquisite Indian apparels are simply gorgeous. Even wearing a single hued suit in this design can give an amazing boost to your overall attire. The best part is that they are perfect as morning or evening wear.


Though Anarkali is a type of suit, its design gives it a distinctive look. Laced with chikankari, it’s a perfect appearance gives it perfect Sufi surrealism in any get-togethers.


This is a type of design is not just limited to clothing items, it’s also used to design bags – specifically potlis. It’s a perfect addition to your attire when you want to do an all-ethnic-look. You can also give a twist to your look by pairing it with western outfits.

Bridal Wear

Last but not the least, how can we forget the bridal wear prepared using this design. Be it choli, lahenga, or dupatta, there are some gorgeous sets that this design presents. The richness of this craft blends perfectly with the occasion and helps you in creating an enchanting appeal.

Lucknow meets Rajasthan

When the subtle touch of Lucknow embraces the richness of Rajasthan, then sparks are bound to flow. Wrapped in chikankari, along with beautiful mirror work the attire of this type turns out no less than outfit.

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