What is the difference between a bakery and patisserie?

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It is a common misconception that patisseries are just bakeries with fancy desserts. The word "patisserie" comes from the French word for pastry chef, and it literally means "pastry shop". It's used to distinguish these shops from boulangerie (baker) and pâtéchère (pâté maker).


The truth is,Guest Posting patisseries are much more than just a bakery. Patisseries offer a variety of sweets and pastries, but they also sell breads, salads, quiches and other savory items. Bakeries usually only specialize in sweet goods like cakes and cookies. If you're looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth in addition to your hunger needs - then it's time to visit the nearest patisserie!


Since most people think that there is no difference between these two kinds of establishments, here are some things to think about.

- A bakery is a place that sells bread and other baked goods, whereas a patisserie is a place that specializes in desserts like cakes, pies and pastries. 

- A patisserie may have a professional pastry chef under their employment to create artisan desserts and cakes, while a bakery may not really need professional chefs who are creative. Sometimes the baker himself may be the person serving the customers in his bistro apron, while he wears a chef apron or bib apron during the actual baking.

- Patisseries often have more of an upscale atmosphere than bakeries because they are primarily dessert shops. Patisseries often have elegant decor, couches and tables for customers to enjoy their sweets while sitting down. A few bakeries can even sell pastries and desserts but they typically have an entirely different atmosphere up front because the customer is coming in to buy something that's more practical for them.

- Bakeries are typically open earlier than patisseries, since bakeries offer mainly breads and other items. Bakeries may open as early as around midnight while a typical patisserie won't be open until much later in the morning.

- Patisseries usually offer sweets such as cakes, tarts, pies, pastries, cookies or macarons for sale while bakeries usually only sell breads and other baked goods 

- Patisseries often carry items like chocolates or candies to complement their dessert menu while bakeries do not


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