Investment and Business Success... corporate message from fishes

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The corporate leaders must learn about the importance of investment and business success and ....

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The investment on any business enterprise depends upon the product and the market situation.  If the corporate believe too much in the product and its research highlights/innovation and the market is really different,Guest Posting the entire investment may go in vain.   The corporate that is highly imbalanced either by the R&D or by the Marketing & Sales function has largely burned their investment in many occasions. 


The R&D would hype the product uniqueness and innovation but largely miss the consumers need/connect and similarly, the marketing and sales function will generally focus only on what the consumers want but never on whether the product really meets/fulfills them.  Unless these two extremes are wisely calibrated and balanced, the investment will not bring profit to any corporate. 


Nature has the best examples for the corporate to learn better about the investments.  In animal world, rearing young ones and parental care are huge investments.    All animals hence want their investments to be wise and successful.


The fishes lay two types of eggs viz.,


  1. Pelagic eggs (eggs that float)
  2. Demersal eggs (eggs that sink)


The fishes that lay floating eggs (pelagic eggs) lay large number of eggs.  The numbers may go up to millions.  


In ocean, the ‘floating eggs’ moves to different regions due to the movement of water and wind.   Sometime these eggs can get washed ashore or can be eaten by many aquatic creatures or can die due to other reasons.  Further, the chance of ‘floating eggs’ getting seen by others and the possibility of getting killed or destroyed is also high.  This is the reason why, the fishes that lay ‘pelagic eggs’, lay ‘eggs’ in large number.  


The fishes know the problem of floating eggs and hence invest heavily in the process of ‘egg laying’.    Here, the huge investment in egg number is inevitable for success.


In the case of fishes that lay ‘demersal eggs’, generally lay limited number of eggs.  The egg number limits to 1000s.  Once the eggs are laid, they sink down to the bottom of the sea/pond or some fishes burry them under soil or between the rocks.   The mother fish can hide the eggs and hence the success is reasonably assured.  When results/success is ‘reasonably assured’ investment can be controlled or regulated.  That is why the fishes that lay Demersal eggs limit their investment by laying limited number of eggs. 


The message is that the business success depends on both the investment and knowing the need for such investment.  If the corporate believe that just investment will breed success, it need not happen. 


Many corporate used to incurs huge revenue on advertisement of some products.  The complete knowledge about the ‘product’, the ‘target customer’ and finally the ‘market’ are more important than the resource allocation or investment for such advertisement.   The fishes that lay ‘Pelagic’ eggs, that is how differ from those lay eggs that sink.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai




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