Why animals and humen tell lie

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Do animals lie or hide the truth?  It is interesting to find an answer.  What is the meaning of lie, should it be defined by the intent or the content?

Do animals lie or hide the truth?  It is interesting to find an answer.  What is the meaning of lie,Guest Posting should it be defined by the intent or the content?

What is the intent of lying or hiding?  Conceal something from others is the most common intent of every liar. The subject matter they may attempt to hide can be trivial to a great crime. In most occasions, people who love to or habituated to lie are for silly reasons.  Progressively, lying become a chronic disease, they never able to free themselves from the above malady.

The bigger question is about the origin of the lie behaviour in man and how it would have evolved.  Animal world is full of lies.  One may find it incredible that the very essence of animal life is nothing but lies and deceit.  Evolution has given lie as one of the best & most efficient defense/offence mechanism/strategy or ‘non-violent weapon’ for all animals to live successfully their respective ecosystem.

The behaviour or psychology of falsification is linked with evolution.  Evolution only has produced the predator and the prey.  It enabled the prey to deceit the predator and similarly it empowered the predator to conceal the prey.   Whosoever successfully conceals themselves wins.  Definition of lying need not limit to verbal communication wherein one tell something far from truth to the other.  Non verbal communication of some information/message that is away from facts and truth also comes under the definition of lying. 

The kid of a deer hiding inside the grass consciously and smartly alone escapes from the predator.   The day, the deer kid was born, it gets trained to conceal its identity from its enemies in nature.  Vibrantly coloured insects conceal its identity when it lives on leaves and flowers are brilliantly lying to the world about its presence.  Prey animals cannot afford to tell truth to their enemies about their presence.  Telling truth means inviting definite death. Truth means death in animal world.

Cleverly cuckoo lays its eggs in crow nest and ensures that crow does not differentiate it from their own eggs.   The cuckoo that shows the best ability to lie to the crow only ensures successful continuance of its generation.

The chameleon that quickly changes its colour alone can efficiently lie both to its prey & to its predator.  The success of chameleon as a smart predator and its successful escape from its predator lies exclusively in its ability to lie quickly and spontaneously.   

Without lying at any point of time, no animal can survive.  Evolution has provided several ways and means to all animals to lie so naturally, effectively, efficiently and profoundly.  Only the best liar can survive or only the best liar alone can prove its worth to live in animal kingdom.

Think about the life of people in corporate world.  Why people love to tell lie so frequently? The people who say more lies in corporate may be doing so due to their evolutionary reason.  May be they feel, effective lying alone ensures successful living in corporate as followed by animals, his counterpart in jungle.   Telling truth is equal to death psychology may be pulling these people to follow a life similar to animals.  By default, they have born as humans and have stepped into your organization.  They are very primitive ‘human animals’, treat them with love and compassion.

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