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What do you need to know before you buy Mascot Workwear? In a concise article we will cover the main points and strengths of Mascot and how they are applicable to you as either an individual looking for a jacket or pair of trousers or a firm looking for multiple purchases.

Mascot Workwear are a family owned and operated business hailing from Denmark and set up in 1982. They are relatively unknown in the UK market due to their strategy of building up slowly a strong following based upon performance rather than marketing. While many analysts don’t think this is the most conducive strategy only time will tell. Here we can explore what makes the Mascot Workwear brand such a viable option for you next choice of workwear clothing provider and thus providing a little extra ink for them as a brand.

Mascot Workwear have pumped large amounts of money into R&D  and laboratories which are tasked with creating the best workwear money can buy and then testing that workwear to destruction before it even reaches the market. The point of all this is to make sure that when the clothing is in the field it will measure up to any tasks any worker can throw at it. Backed up by their two year guarantee on all zips and seams Mascot Workwear is supremely confident that their products can handle anything. 

They are known as a brand who spend heavily on innovation and technology which essentially means the consumer will get more bang for their buck and with new fabrics developed in house and applied to their outstanding products it’s clear for all to see.

Mascot marry up new fabrics like their Mascotex which is waterproof,Guest Posting wind proof and extremely breathable.  Bearnylon which is a tough, durable and water resistant fabric typically used on Mascot Workwear’s winter clothing because of it’s fantastic insulating properties. They use Cordura on a lot of their trousers because it’s 7 times stronger than cotton and twice as strong as nylon making the products made from Cordura incredibly tough and durable not to mention longer lasting. Mascot Workwear mix the fabrics with other fibres to make them as comfortable as they are tough.

Those familiar with them will know of their bear logo and what it stands for, warmth, strength and toughness which is essentially what drives them to produce the great workwear they do. Imagine if you will the typical working conditions in northern Europe in the middle of winter and how those workers will need as much protection from the cold as possible. Mascot Workwear developed in such an environment so know first-hand what is required to make warm and comfortable clothing which meets the wearer’s needs, complies with safety standards and performs to the highest levels no matter what is required.

One last point to raise is the styling of their worker clothing, the Holy Grail for any workwear brand is to create clothing that can pass as leisure wear while maintaining the requirements to work in the field. Mascot Workwear has a distinct styling which essentially bridges the gap from work related clothing to street wear. Mascot Trousers have even been adopted by Parkour/Free runners because of their toughness and durability as well as their styling. The design unit at Mascot Workwear specifically looked at their trouser ranges and made appropriate tweaks to make them more aesthetically appealing so workers would feel more comfortable and stylish as opposed to the not bothered attitude long associated with workwear. The upshot to this policy was workers actually took greater care of their work clothing and thusly made them last a lot longer.

There are many reasons to choose the cheap option but there are lots more reasons to buy smarter and now you have another one in the form of Mascot Workwear.

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