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Today, so much of the news about the economy is gloomy. It seems as though the recession is here to stay - at least for some time - so we're all having to work with what we have got.

 Everybody's feeling the pinch,Guest Posting and this affects all company marketing decisions, whether its advertising budgets, which exhibitions can be dropped this year, or the type of corporate workwear to supply to employees. Many workwear buyers are searching for something to raise staff morale and increase brand perception that does not cost too much.

There are a growing number of exciting developments in the market, keeping to the lower end of the price scale, but still offering really professional workwear for your workforce. This season, corporate work wear items like poloshirts have been refreshed in new colours and designs offering something different whilst still being affordable to all budgets. Developments such as coloured piping and uplifting up-to-the-minute colour contrasts transform the standard polo shirt to a more attractive alternative.

The market has also seen recent fabric developments. It's very much "out with the fleece and in with the soft shell". Benefits of soft shell, include the fact that it is shower proof, pill-resistant (doesn't bobble) and looks better than a fleece, which can appear worn very quickly. Softshell started off in the sportswear market but is now being seen in the workwear and corporate clothing market, worn by staff at all types of organisations, from supermarkets to travel agents.

Recent trends have clearly shown that workwear is making a comeback and garments such as the classic polo shirt and chinos are ideal choices for uniforms. These are great items to not stretch the budget and to create the corporate image required for your company. Not only this, corporate workwear is also a great easy care uniform, easy to look after and keep fresh throughout the working week.

Keltic Clothing have supplied thousands of companies with fantastic workwear uniforms and know the ins and outs of how to make your brand stand out. With corporate workwear you can create a subtle branding look by the use of tax tagging and coordinating colours to match a company design, or alternatively go for a striking corporate logo to match in with your company's brand. Corporate workwear is an easy and practical option for either look you wish to achieve.

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