Why Minor Hail Damage Can Cause Bigger Harm To Roof And What Are The Factors That Cause Hail Damage?

Nov 28


Allen Solly

Allen Solly

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It needs a very strong impact to knock away the granules or any other kind of surface materials from the roof because they in general are quite sturdy in nature.

In addition, even if few granules are knocked from the roof then this arguably means that the shingles can get compromised in the near future which in turn means that water leak might get developed over a period of time.



Also,Why Minor Hail Damage Can Cause Bigger Harm To Roof And What Are The Factors That Cause Hail Damage? Articles if you see this in a longer run than curled shingles might be indictive of the hail damage along with moss growth and algae where water might pool in the cracks or leak due to hailstones.

Hence, even the smallest of hail impact on the shingle can cause roof leak and many other significant problems that may compromise the long term safety and value of the roof.

Therefore, even if you feel that your roof hasn’t experienced any kind of serious damage from hails storm, it is quite worth to get it inspected especially if you notice nearby areas vulnerable to it.

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What are the factors that causes hail damage?

Some of the factors that causes hail damage are :-

  • Wind damage

The intensity, speed and the direction of the wind can vary a lot during hail storm which can potentially effect the location and the severity.

  • Hailstones Sizes

The individual hailstones sizes is one of the factor which determines the extent of damage.

In addition, you should also keep in mind that hailstones can be as small as the size of a pea or as large as a softball or anywhere in between.

  • Shape and density of the hailstones

Some of the hailstones are quite denser as compared to other and it totally depends on the atmospheric conditions in which it is formed.

Also, they don’t come with smooth edges and thus it can damage the gutters, roof, siding and many other aspects of the property.

  • Building materials that is used

The property is made using different kinds of materials and each of them responds differently to the impact of hailstones.

For example, hails can crack the cedar wood shake roofing or cause dents or dings in asphalt shingles, aluminum siding or gutters. 

In addition, large hailstones can be even more dense and strong enough to puncture a roof especially if it is weaker or older.

So, lastly depending on the condition and age of the roof, the extent of damage can be caused to the roof.

  • Physical barriers

From natural barriers such as tree cover to neighboring structures such as adjacent buildings, fences etc. can act as a barrier around your property and further protect your roof from the significant impact of the hail storm.

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