The Potential Danger of Hail Damaged Cars

Feb 14


Sara Gibson

Sara Gibson

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In these tough economic times, many consumers are looking to find a bargain especially when making a big purchase. When buying a new vehicle, hail damaged cars may seem very appealing, as they are typically far less expensive than a comparable model. However, the Insurance Council of Australia has issued a warning about the potential danger of hail damaged cars, Perth consumers should be aware of.


What Are Hail Damaged Cars?

There are a great many car dealers throughout the area offering significant price reductions on hail damaged cars for sale. These vehicles are the result of the severe storms last November. Car dealerships and auction houses are looking to move the stock damaged during these extreme weather especially hail damaged cars. These vehicles have suffered bodywork damaged from being hit by the hail storm. However,The Potential Danger of Hail Damaged Cars Articles there are some potential factors you need to consider before purchasing hail damaged cars for sale.


The Insurance Implications of Hail Damaged Cars:

Many insurers have stated that they will refuse to offer comprehensive cover on hail damaged vehicles, so buyers need to take care. According to Campbell Fuller, spokesman for the ICA, buyers need to contact their insurer before agreeing to a purchase. These damaged vehicles make it much harder to secure comprehensive insurance cover. This is due to the underlying insurance conditions that the insurer expects a vehicle not to have existing damage for comprehensive cover. If a vehicle is already damaged, it affects the ability to obtain comprehensive insurance.

Most insurers are likely to still offer third party, fire and theft cover but this will vary from insurance company to company. Therefore, you need to be aware of these potential implications and be comfortable with the insurability options before making a purchase decision.


The Potential Damage:

There has been a wide range of hail damaged cars on the market. Manheim Auctions has been auctioning twice a week since December, hail damaged cars. Perth dealers estimate that there have been thousands of vehicles sold at between thirty to eighty percent of the recommended retail price. The volume of vehicles has meant that the stock is priced very cheaply. The damage varies from vehicle to vehicle but can be as small as light hail damage which is barely visible through to damage caused by falling trees. The volume of damaged cars has not been seen in decades in the motor industry. However, according to Steve Spalding, RACQ technical and safety policy manager, buyers need to take real care before agreeing to purchase a damaged vehicle. It is important to assess the extent of the damage and be aware of the potential repair cost to fix the vehicle. You may find that the discount on the purchase price and the cost of repairs does not actually work out cheaper than a normal recommended sales price. Don’t assume that a hail damaged car for sale, is actually a cheaper option.

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