Why white Label Telegram Clone apps always trending?

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Telegram is a cloud based messaging app which connects people around the globe with a distributed data centre’s network that helps the app to be the fastest in the market among other competitors like whatsapp,Guest Posting wechat etc. this is one of the most on-demand apps because of the various features it offers to its users. Telegram developers have mainly emphasized on security and privacy that the users can remain worry-less about the messages and other data in the app.


Telegram was invented in Russia in 2011 and today it has about 50 million users worldwide. In 2018, the app's revenue was 1.3 billion US dollars. It was the time where telegram slowly grabbed its attention and people everywhere started talking about its benefits. At this pace it is estimated that telegrams cryptocurrency would cross 4 billion US dollars.  


Turnkeytown, a renowned app development company has developed an app like telegram which has the same characteristics as the original telegram app. The telegram clone script is 100% customizable so that if the client prefers to add a touch to it then it can be done so and the final product can be delivered as per the preference.


How does a telegram clone app work?

Telegram clone app is a very simple and easy to use messaging app. The best part is all these wonderful features are available for free. The telegram clone is available in the app store and it can be downloaded for free. 


The app doesn’t need a phone number or any login credentials to get into it. It can be simply downloaded and all the contacts will be automatically synced to the app and then the user can start by sending out messages or any media to their friends.

The messages sent are secured in cloud based storage. So there is no need to worry about messages or any other documents getting deleted or stolen. Also one can use the self destruct option where the messages automatically vanish within a few seconds to 1 week. Such messages will not be saved anywhere and could not be retrieved.

Also, telegram clone app is a standalone system which means it can be accessed from any device such as mobile phones, laptops, pc, tablets etc. but it does not require your mobile phone to be connected to it. 

Let us look at the some of the benefits of an telegram clone script

  • The app is very user friendly and  simple to use 
  • It is the fastest messenger app in the market
  • Any number of data can be send without size constraint
  • Can be accessed from multiple devices


The following are the features of the telegram clone app

  • The messages are end to end encrypted.
  • Open API and source code is accessible by all
  • Hacker proof
  • Allows group chats and can have members upto 2,00,000 users
  • Customizable messenger themes.


Summing up

Telegram Clone App development is the powerful tool for messaging anyone in the world for free and the fastest way possible. It is still making progress by trying to implement many other features like in-app audio and video call options. Although, these are still in the beta test levels.


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