Why you need customized cone sleeves for your brand in 2020?

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Ice cream is most popular among all ages of people. So, we need packaging to hold it carefully. You can choose high-quality packaging for your product. 

A cone sleeve is the wrapper that protects the waffle of cone from moisture. Almost all the cone ice creams come wrapped in different custom boxes by city of packaging.  For new ice cream sellers,Guest Posting the right use of custom cone sleeves can bring the real profits. First, you have to understand the types and purpose of using customized cone sleeves. 

1: Need of customized cone wrappers 

A cone ice cream is very different type of dessert. Its appearance, ingredients and flavour all are different from regular ice cream. Vendors who sell cone ice creams need some kind of wrapping material to wrap them. Without wrapping a cone ice cream, its filling can fall off. Therefore, custom ice cream cone wrappers are a must for protecting cone ice creams. 

The waffle of the ice cream needs to be wrapped. The wrapper or cone sleeve also helps people grab the ice cream cone with ease. In today’s era, ice cream vendors heavily rely in customized ice cream sleeves. So, you cannot regret the importance of a cone sleeve. A part from its benefits and customizations, it has become a need of every ice cream seller.

2: Different types of Custom cone sleeves

With time, the demand of cone sleeves has also increased. Ice cream vendors have realize the importance of these cone wrappers. There are different kinds of Custom ice cream cone sleeves available. The variety of cone sleeves allows vendors to utilize them to their potential. 

  • Plastic cone sleeves 


Plastic material has made lives easier of many people. All the household items and even some kitchen accessories are made from plastic. People in general are quite used to plastic material. The plastic made cone sleeves are an excellent option for those who want a high quality sleeve. Plastic is durable than paper and provides great protection. It’s not eco-friendly at all but you got to trade that off with its durability.

  • Paper cone sleeves


Paper cone sleeves are made from lightweight food grade paper. These cone sleeves are very light in weight and are ideal for storing ice creams for short time. Paper is highly customizable and vendors can print their brand information easily. It is easily available and very also very cheap. Paper made cone sleeves are ideal for vendors who have just started or are short on budget. Paper cone sleeves are eco-friendly option and help you minimize the land waste. 

  • Cardboard cone sleeves 

The whole packaging industry is well aware of the benefits of cardboard material. Even in the case of ice cream sleeves, cardboard can be utilized. The strength of cardboard material makes it a perfect option for protecting ice creams. It provides that firm grip and makes sure your ice creams remain fresh for long. It is one highly customizable material so you can choose its design, colour patterns and size of your choice.

3: Customizing cone sleeves for enhanced looks

Ice cream vendors also want to attract people’s attention. Especially teenager and kids who love to have a scoop of ice cream. In such scenario, ice cream cone wrappers wholesale (https://www.cityofpackaging.com/custom/cone-sleeves/) are really helpful. This is because vendors can customize them according to their brands interest. Grab the attention of kids by using colourful patterns. Print the images of their favourite movie character or simply print your attractive brand theme. 

To make your brand theme attractive, you can take assistance from a professional designer. Come up with something new and grab the market with your lovely flavoured ice cream cones. You never know when your design idea clicks and your ice creams become the talk of town. So, by customizing cone sleeves in innovative ways, you can boost your sales. 


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