Why You Should Purchase A Rug Shampooer With High-Suction Wand?

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Know why you should always need pay attention to the type of wand that is available with the rug shampooer machine.

Any rug shampooer that is used for commercial applications needs to be durable and efficient. It should offer high productivity and enable a contractor to clean the maximum number of cars carpets,Guest Posting furniture upholstery, and carpets in commercial locations in the shortest possible time. One of the most important parts of a rug shampooer is the wand. When you are purchasing a rug shampooer, always pay attention to the type of wand that is available with the machine.

Wands Should Be Designed for Greater Convenience and Efficiency
The size of the wand depends on the type of application that the carpet shampooer has. Car wash businesses, for example, use the rug shampooer equipment with 4-inch wand. These wands are used inside the interiors of cars for cleaning fabric upholstery and carpets.

The wands are also used for cleaning fabric upholstery in commercial areas and homes as well.  Fabric covers of chairs and similar furniture are cleaned using the 4-inch wand. However, for conventional carpet cleaning in commercial establishments, such as malls, retail areas, banquet halls, and homes, you require 12-inch wands.

If you plan to use the machine for cleaning car fabric upholstery, and carpets and fabric upholstery in other commercial areas, you need to purchase a machine that is equipped with both types of wands. The best carpet cleaning machines have durable, corrosion resistant wands. These wands have greater suction power than other types of machines. Therefore, they are able to offer greater water extraction from the carpet. Some of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines have wands with suction power that that is equivalent to another vacuum motor.

This is important keeping in mind that the carpet needs to be cleaned of dirt, detergent, and moisture in order to remain clean for a longer duration. While low-flow carpet rug shampoo machines do reduce the amount of water used for cleaning carpets, thus reducing drying times from 24 hours to six hours, the process becomes more efficient when you use this high-suction wands for removing as much of the moisture from the carpet as possible.

Effective Moisture Extraction
Many carpet shampooers have two-stage vacuum pumps to enable greater water extraction. A combination of low-flow and more effective water extraction ensures that the carpet dries within a few hours. This is very important keeping in mind that mold thrives on damp carpets. This leads to an unhealthy indoor environment, and carpet dampness is also responsible for damage to floor and furniture.

A rug cleaning machine should be ideally used with eco-friendly detergents. These green chemicals are hundred percent biodegradable, causing no threat to the environment or to human health. They are ideally suited to use with the rug cleaning machine. Green chemicals are also safe to use because they do not catch fire easily.

Rug steam cleaners usually have high temperatures, up to 210°F. However, many contractors use non-heated rug cleaning equipment, when they do not need to clean very dirty carpets. Additionally, these non-heated carpet shampooers are able to use water as hot as 140°F for cleaning carpets, fabric upholstery, and rugs.

Advanced rug cleaning equipment can easily remove grease, stains, food residue, pet urine, ink, and mold from carpets. Rug steam cleaners are, therefore, a valuable addition to your arsenal of cleaning equipment, if you are a contractor who is regularly required to clean very dirty carpets in cars and commercial areas.

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