Will Using Internet Fax Make Your Company More Competitive?

Mar 15


Titus Hoskins

Titus Hoskins

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Can using an Internet or online fax service really make your company or business more competitive? Discover why this statement is more true than most people realize. Find out how you can also make your own company more competitive by using online fax.


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Many companies are switching over to online fax or email faxing because this new technology is one simple way to keep your business more competitive. Just imagine how much email has changed the business world,Will Using Internet Fax Make Your Company More Competitive? Articles well now get ready for online fax. Internet Fax is directly related to email since you send your faxes as email attachments, usually in PDF or TIFF format.

Online fax, Internet fax,  Electronic fax or no matter what you call it, has truly become popular with companies big and small. Mainly because efax is a much more convenient and a much more efficient method to send and receive all your faxes since you're no longer tied down to the office fax machine. Online fax is web based, so you can send and receive your faxes wherever you have Internet access.

By efaxing you can save your company money, especially on start-up costs: no fax machine, no papers, no inks and no extra phone line.

However, in order to use this great new technology, you first have to sign-up to an online fax service provider where you are given a Toll-Free or local fax number. This is the fax number that you give out to all your business clients and use in your company's marketing. Keep in mind, this newly acquired fax service acts as an intermediary on your behalf, to intercept all your faxes whether they are coming from another computer or from a traditional fax machine.

After you have signed up to an online fax service, you're ready to fax!

Most fax services will provide you with an interface (online site) where you can store your faxes; you can also send and receive your faxes from this site. You can also send your faxes through your email system and many companies also have desktop applications you can use for your faxing.

When looking for an Internet Fax service provider, it pays to shop around because this is a long term business service and doing your homework now can save you significant cash over the long haul. There are plenty of fax companies to choose from and the average monthly costs runs around $10 but there are many cheaper plans to be had so it pays to shop around before you buy or sign-up to any one service.

Online is completely scalable for any business or company; scale your fax services up or down, depending on the business climate.

Using an Internet Fax service does present some rather distinct advantages; mainly online faxing is more secure, more reliable, more convenient and easier than the traditional fax machine. No more paper jams, no more missed transmissions, no more messy inks and no need for an extra fax phone line. Plus, because efax is web based, you can get your faxes, anytime, anywhere.

Online fax is also a smart way to make your business more competitive, especially if your company relies upon faxing to gather clients/sales or to communicate with employees. In this very competitive world and these harsh economic times, your company needs all the advantages it can muster, online fax will supply you with that competitive edge.

In a recent interview, one industry insider stated: "Ultimately, Internet Fax increases a company's competitive edge through reducing cost and speeding response time both in receiving faxes, that may contain orders, bids, or other time-sensitive and/or revenue-creating information and in sending faxes - including responses to orders, bids, etc."

Needless to say, the business world is changing day by day, you must adjust and change right along with the times or risk going the way of the Do-Do bird. You must keep your company in the picture by using an online fax service. Internet Fax propels your company's faxing into the modern age; marrying your faxes with computers and the web. Plus, by using online fax you can save a lot of money, can you really ask for more than that?