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The growing trend toward technology integration and interoperability is emerging as one of the biggest driving forces for the video surveilance market. This is espescially true in the commercial sector where the same system might perform multiple functions such as access control,Guest Posting intruder detection, image streaming for alarm verification, such as burglar alarm,intruder alarm and response co-ordination. The fact that organizations are increasingly viewing security systems as a necessity and the growing involvement of service providers in the security arena are fuelling this integration trend. Security systems are increasingly being purchased as a package alongside utilities such as lighting and heating systems, which is a clear trend toward the integration of multiple technologies.

Among the end-user verticals, the education sector is expected to be a major catalyst for the video surveillance market. Though this sector contributed little initially, the subsidized bandwidth available to educational institutions is fuelling their ability to support videos on the network, thereby leading to mass replacement of existing analog infrastructure by network cameras. "This apart, retail security has been the talk of leading IP-based surveillance systems," notes the analyst of this research service. "Network cameras are expected to replace existing analog cameras in a big way, providing sustained growth beyond 2008."

Government Spending on Surveillance Systems Boosting Growth

Governments across the world are increasingly investing in video surveillance systems. The British Government is investing upwards of 80 million pounds to have video cameras installed throughout the country for surveillance purposes. In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) allocated $230.0 million investment for the creation and maintenance of video surveillance systems. Federal contracts alone account for almost 35.0 percent of the video surveillance camera market and industry experts opine that this figure is expected to grow in the medium term. Likewise, government spending on video surveillance camera market in Asia accounted for almost 25.0 percent of the market.

Regionally, Europe is a highly mature market for video surveillance with industry experts estimating that the United Kingdom is the most monitored country on earth. Access control and surveillance devices have registered record growths across Italy and Spain as well. "Replacement opportunities provide for almost 40 percent of the market and have the run-off effect of providing the huge funds required for R&D by the industry," says the analyst. "Surprisingly, Asia leads the United States in terms of penetration of surveillance and monitoring systems, primarily because the markets directly incorporate network infrastructure in buildings and other infrastructural projects."

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