Why Would You Need a Surveillance Camera?

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Most of us go through life oblivious to what is happening when we are not around our home or business. Parents may not know what their babysitter is doing in their absence.

Twenty years ago,Guest Posting only the wealthiest people or successful businesses thought about video surveillance, due to the high costs of cameras and equipment. Today these cameras are affordable for everyone. In addition to that the quality of the picture is greatly enhanced over the older equipment.

We leave our home to go on vacation or an extended trip and hope that all is well in our absence. Today a video surveillance camera or system can monitor one room or your whole house. This camera or system can be connected to the internet so you can see your home at any time via your laptop or smart phone. When someone breaks into your house there are several concerns. First if they broke a window or door to gain entry, that window or door needs to be secured to prevent other people from entering your home. Also the window or door needs to be secured to prevent the weather from getting in. If you have surveillance, you can call a friend or the police to secure your home until you get back.

Next you want to know what they are stealing and you want a video record for the insurance claim, the police and court, should the criminals be caught. This can be a memory card in the camera or a recording on your computer or security DVR.

Sometimes when a new babysitter has to be hired, we never really know how the sitter treats our child. The nicest person can have a bad day and lose their temper, and even worst yet, abuse your child. With a Nanny Cam or Hidden Camera you can monitor and record what is going on in your absence. Also via the internet you can view in real time what is going on. Not only do you want to monitor abuse, but you also want to know if they are looking at your private files, drinking your alcoholic beverages or any other mischief.

At your place of business surveillance cameras can catch criminals, but with their presence, they can also deter theft. A criminal is not likely to try to steal something that is being monitored by a video camera. Unlike your home where you want video surveillance to be discreet, you want everyone to know that you have video surveillance in your business. Realizing you can’t buy enough cameras for every area, you want to make sure you monitor points of sale and where expensive or valuable items are displayed. Also there should be video cameras at points of entry into your business.

Cameras in the workplace are not only effective for monitoring theft. You can monitor productivity and implementation of new policies or procedures. Employees that are doing an exceptional job or not really doing their job correctly can be singled out. Also you can monitor safety and compliance with OSHA procedures.

Today you have an unlimited variety of cameras and systems to choose from. With surveillance systems you can choose from single camera surveillance to 32 camera surveillance system. These systems can be hard wired into your home or business or you can choose to have a wireless system for easy installation and versatility. A video system can be set to record in your absence, connected to your company network or the Internet. You have a choice or color or black and white cameras and a variety of shapes, sizes and resolution.

A Nanny Cam or Hidden Camera is a camera that is installed into a common object that you would expect in a room. This camera will not be obvious to the person or persons be monitored. Hidden cameras can be installed in radios, clock, mirrors and exit signs to name a few. These cameras can record on a memory card or hard drive. Also these cameras can be set to be self-activating to conserve video time. The self-contained hidden cameras with DVR have everything in one unit, that you can pick-up and place where you want to have surveillance. You just place and plug-in the camera and let the camera do its job. Then you retrieve the memory card to view on your computer.  

Remember you want video cameras for real time surveillance, but you also want to put criminals in jail. Nothing holds up better in court than a time-stamped video record of the thief.

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